Burt's Bees Lipbalm with Pomegranate Oil

Hello my loves,

For years I have been hearing about the miracle called Burt's Bees but I always thought I could not buy it in the Netherlands. That was until I was roaming the shelves of Kruidvat and I stopped at the lip balms. I had already put a new Labello in my basket when something yellow caught my eye.
I saw the yellow packaging of Burt's Bees and I almost squeaked.  How did I not know this was sold in the Netherlands? Why did not one of the beauty bloggers I read wrote about this? I have no idea...
The lipbalm comes in a cardboard packaging with the cutest bee I have ever seen on the side. I do not know if there are other versions of this lipbalm but I bought the one with pomegranate oil. I am kind of digging the packaging, it is so retro!
Here is a list of the ingredients for those of you who are interested in it. This lipbalm is 100% natural according to the packaging and if I scan the list with ingredients I kind of have to believe that, sunflower, beeswax, coconut and pomegranate oil.
The lipbalm that was hiding in the cardboard has the same colours as that packaging, yellow with red and it promises me that this balm is nourishing and hydrating. I had to search quite some time until I found out how I could twist it up. The part that you have to turn is very small and kind of hard to twist.
The lipbalm has a very sheer reddish colour that does not show up on your lips. It promises; it nourishes my lips and makes them soft like a babies butt. The texture feels a bit weird when you apply it to your lips , the stick seems kind of dry and it feels just very odd. When you apply it on your lips however, it is not drying at all.
I think I will get a lot of use out of this lipstick with chapped-lip-season coming up. My lips are always very chapped and dry during the autumn winter time so I am always looking for new good lipbalms. I already have a few favourites and I think I can add this one to the list. I can not remember the price of this balm but I believe it was under four euros.

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