NYC Kiss Gloss

Hello  my loves,

I've been really into lipglosses lately and I wanted to buy a few new ones to add to my collection. I went into the drugstore and bought a few new ones. These lipglosses by NYC the ones I went for (I picked up a few others as well, reviews are coming).
This is what NYC promises:
Make your kisses hard to resist with NYC Kiss Gloss. It come in a cute squeezy tube that makes mirrorless application as easy a pie. Choose subtle sweet shades for understated sexiness. In candy store colours from Peach to Raspberry you can't help but be tempted.
Ohlala, sexiness in a squeezy tube. That sounds very promising.
I bought two colours '529 Sugar Hill Shimmer' and '531 City Sorbet. These two shades I picked because they were in the new section but I can't find anything on their website that says they're new.
These Kiss Glosses come in squeezy tubes with silver and black accents. I really like the way it looks because it doesn't look cheap like the ones from Essence (review is coming soon). Another thing I like about these is the opening, you can control the amount of product that comes out and I've seen that different some times.
Here you see the swatches on my wrist and the first thing I noticed was the sheerness, both of the glosses give hardly any colour. Another thing that stood out to me is the amount of glitter, they're both very shimmery which is not something I usually like for my lips.
My bare lips
529 Sugar Hill Shimmer
531 City Sorber
That is how the lipglosses look on my lips and they're, as you can see, very sheer but they both have a little tint to them. '529' is peachy and '531' is more pink. 'Sugar Hill Shimmer' is, as the name suggest, very shimmery and 'City Sorbet is more shiny than shimmery. The glosses are supposed to have a fruity flavour but I don't really taste it, it just tastes like lipgloss. I can't place the scent but the thing I can say about it, is that it smells really sweet and I kinda like it.
I'm not very impressed by two glosses but I still like them, they're two pretty nude glosses and I think they're great for everyday. I think 'City Sorbet' is my favourite since I'm more a fan of pink than I'm from peach. The  one thing that doesn't make me love them is duration, after an hour I'd to apply them again because they were completely gone.
These two shades are available at the drugstores right now for €1,99.

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