NOTD: P2 995 Before Sunrise

Hello my loves,

A couple of days ago I posted a NOTD of a German Polish by the brand P2. That was a nail polish with a sand style effect (like the liquid sands of OPI) but I also bought a normal one, well not totally normal, it's a duochrome polish to be exact.
'995 Before Sunrise' is a gorgeous burgundy duochrome nail polish. Duochrome basically means that it looks different in every lighting, a little bit like the Chameleon Effect nail polishes by HEMA. You can really see it on my middle finger in the picture above, you see several colours including burgundy, green, purple and even a little bit of gold.
This nail polish didn't hold very long, just like the other P2 polish I showed you but you can't have it all for two euros. What matters is the gorgeous colour and with a good topcoat (the one I'm using at the moment sucks) it will stay on without chipping for a little bit longer I hope.

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