HEMA Nail Polish Remover

Hello my loves,

Today I don't have a very extensive review for you. I'm just going to give you my opinion on a nail polish remover I picked up recently, just because I ran out of my old one. It's going to be short because I can't really write a long story about a nail polish remover, can I? I still wanted to tell you about it since it is something I'm going to be using on a regular basis.
Excuse me for the dark pictures, I can't change the Dutch weather. 
HEMA sells two nail polish removers the one I´m reviewing today is with lanolin but they also have one without lanolin and without acetone. Another kind of nail polish remover they sell is the Dip & Clean one, I adore this one and I'm currently using my third bottle of it.
I bought the soft yellow nail polish remover because I'm thinking of buying a gel nails at home set and to remove gel nails, you will need a nail polish remover with acetone. Here's a list of the ingredients that are in this remover.
  • Acetone
  • Aqua
  • Peg-75 Lanolin Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
  • CI 19140
I always remove my nail polish by using a specific method (if I'm not using the Dip & Clean jar). I cut a cotton pad in a few pieces and soak every piece in the nail polish remover using the lid. Then I lay the tiny piece of cotton on  my nail and press it firmly. I let is soak into the nail polish for a while and wipe the cotton pad off with a firm motion. By doing this I easily remove all my nail polish from my nail in and it's really quick as well.
I really noticed the presence of the acetone in the remover because it stun a little and I was remembered why I always by acetone-free nail polish removers. This also means it should be perfect for removing gel nails.
When I buy a gel nail at home set (maybe the one from Essence) I'll definitely write a review about it and than I can also let you know if this remover works for that.

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