Essene Lash & Brow Gel Mascara

Hello my loves,

In my last favourites post I told you that I was really getting into filling in my brows and I started to notice that my brow powder faded during the day. That was the moment I realised, I need a brow gel.
The brow gel I went for was this one by Essence, it was the only one I saw actually. I know there must be some other ones out there as well but I couldn't find one.
Essence kept the packaging really clean with see through packaging and blue accents but there's one thing I don't like. I've seen loads of bloggers who used the MAC brow gel which is clear as well and those turned grose and brown after a while.
The brush of this brow gel looks like an ordinary mascara want and I really like the way it applies. I can follow the lines of my bows really easy with it and it keeps my lashes in place all day long. When I was testing this out the gel I put it on around 7 o'clock and when I had to go to the gym that evening and I removed my makeup (I was wearing a shit load of makeup and I didn't want to work out with it) I noticed that my brows were still there.
I really like this brow gel but I can't form a balanced opinion about it because I've tried another one before but I like it nevertheless.  I don't have the price anymore because every product I bought that day is named the same on the receipt but I believe is was around two euros.

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