Essence Glossy Lipbalm

Helo my loves,

In my NYC KissGloss review I told that I'm really into lipglosses lately and I also told you that I got a few new ones. The other ones I got were these Glossy Lipbalms by Essence.
I only picked up three because that's all what was left of these glossy lipbalms. The three I picked up are colored pink.
  • 01 Strawberry Cheesecake
  • 02 Apple Pie
  • 03 Cherry Brownie
  • 04 Mint Drop
  • 05 Mango Icecream
  • 06 Berry Cupcake
If I like these lipglosses I can always pick up some other flavours shades, I really want the strawberry cheesecake and the mint drop ones, so I basicly want every one except the apple pie one. You can tell me that I'm crazy but I just don't like the taste of apple pies, I know I'm weird.
The glosses come in tiny see through squeezy tubes which makes them really easy to throw into your purse and take them with you. I think the packaging looks a little bit cheap but I find that's always the case with Essence products.Another pro or con side can be the smell. All three glosses smell really sweet (I can't tell if they actually smell like they're called because I have a really bad cold at the moment and I don't smell anything) and that could be a con side for you, I personally like sweet smells. 
I was pretty pleased with the pigmentation when I swatched the glosses on my wrist but that feeling was gone when I applied the product to my lip. The glosses are almost completely sheer on my lips and the only one that shows a little bit of pigment is '05 Mango Icecream'. 
  • 03 Cherry Brownie: A very sheer reddish (cherry) colour
  • 05 Mango Icecream: A sweet soft pink colour that reminds me of a milkshake
  • 06 Berry Cupcake: A sheer fuchsia colour with silvery blue shimmers 
I think my favourite one out of the three is is '05 Mango Icecream' because it has the most pigment in it. My least favorite shade it '06 Berry Cupcake' because of the shimmers in it. I don't think silver shimmers look flattering in a lipgloss, it makes you look really cheap and a little bit skanky if I'm honest. 
The glosses don't stay on very long but they do make my lips feel really nice, not necessarily softer but definitely smooth.  You'll have to reapply them after an hour and a half (I timed it)
I cannot say that I'm very impressed by the glosses, mainly because the pigmentation isn't amazing. Still I'm pretty pleased with these glosses and I think '05 Mango Icecream' is a great everyday colour and an amazing try-it-out-gloss, I mean a lipgloss for someone who has never worn lipgloss before. This because they're only €0,99 which is cheap as hell for a lipgloss. I'll let you know in an empties post how quick I finish these because they only hold 8 ml and I'm very curious to see how fast these go.

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  1. I loved the older version of these glosses, I think they were a bit more pigmented than these so that's a bummer!