Dr van der Hoog Refreshing Raspberry mask

Hello my loves,

In my empties post I told you that I wasn't a big fan of masks but I'm still a girl that likes some pampering now and then. I'm writing this while I'm still on my summer break (it's the 30th of August today) but you won't read this until today. Today I'm home alone and when I woke up, I decided to go to Kruidvat (drugstore) and buy a mask.
The mask I ended up getting was the 'Refreshing Raspberry Mask' by Doctor Van Der Hoog. I believe this is a Dutch brand but let me know if I'm wrong. The packaging says that the mask is ready to use but I don't really get that because I've never bought a mask that wasn't ready to use.
The mask comes in a carton packaging and you'll find a sachet when you unwrap it. 
A list of the ingredients
When I'm going to apply a mask I always get everything out first before I put it on my face. I normally use the lid of a pringles box for this (I know weird but the size is perfect). The mask has a soft pink colour and it smells like raspberries.
I applied this mask on my face with a foundation brush (which I always do) and I left it on for 10 minutes. When I had it on my face, I didn't feel any weird things and it stayed very creamy as well. 
I took this off with lukewarm water and a washcloth and it washed of really easy. After I washed it off, my face was really red but it didn't hurt or anything. The redness went away after a hour and then my skin felt really soft but that was everything it did for my face and I didn't really noticed any other things.
I don't think I'll try this mask any time again because it didn't really do anything other than making my face soft. It was nice but it wa a onetimer for sure. The exact price, I can't remember but it was around the two euro price range. I've tried masks from Dr Van Der Hoog before and I remember that I've liked them a lot in the past but this one isn't my favourite.

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