Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipsticks (270 Matt-erial Girl & 290 Sweet Coraline)

Hello my loves,

After my review of the Liquid Metal Eyeshadows it's time for the second Catrice review of this month. I'm a big fan of the lipstick from Catrice and when I saw the new colours from the new collection I couldn't wait to pick them up.
I know they're two w's, forgive me. 
There are three new shades in the new collection and I bought two of them. '280 Star Rust' is the one I didn't buy, it just didn't appeal to me. The two I did buy are '270 Matt-erial Girl' and '290 Sweet Caroline', two gorgeous colour for autumn.
The packaging of the lipsticks is still the same as always. A black tube with the name and the colour on the bottom. I'm still hoping they change it because I can't see the colours of them in my stash.
This is '270 Matt-erial Girl' and it's my favourite out of the two. It's a cool-toned fuchsia that can look a little bit purplish. As you might have noticed from the title of this lipstick, this one is matte. (the colour of this very similar to the lip pen from the limited edition Glamazona collection in 'I Got The Flower'(review), a good thing if you missed that one. It's not a dupe because one of them is matte and the other one is shiny but they're still similar in shade)
And this is '290 Sweet Coraline', a warm orange brown colour which reminds me of the falling leaves in autumn. It was marked in the store as a matte lipstick but I don't think it is. 
Both of these lipsticks feel really moisturizing on the lips and the pigmentation is amazing. They're really creamy and doesn't dry my lips at all. A lot of matte lipsticks make the lines in your lips more visible but 'Matt-erial Girl' doesn't do this. 'Sweet Coraline' stays less long on  my lips, around two hours, this because it's creamier. The matte colour stains my lips more and stays put for three hours.
These two lipsticks are a nice addition to my stash and the colours are great for autumn. I now own a total of six Catrice lipsticks of which four Ultimate Colour ones and I all wear them regularly. The quality of them is great and that for only €3,99. There's a huge variety of colour to choose from and just give them a try if you see them.


  1. Matt-erial Girl is very pretty! I'm glad they're introducing more matte lipsticks into their regular line because that's my favourite finish haha

  2. Hello! Where I can buy Catrice make ups?

    1. I don't excactly know were you can buy catrice products but there's a storefinder on there website, In holland you can buy their products at the drugstore/highstreet

  3. Thank you for the reviews! My friend just sent me the liquid metal eyeshadow and I cannot wait to give it a try. I love the lipsticks which you are wearing. I think I need to give them a try very soon. It's just that I'm feeling guilty from buying too much from the Cafrice counter so often. ;)