August Favourites

Hello my loves,

August is gone and it's like it never existed. My month has flown by and tomorrow I've to go back to school. For my this was a lipstick month, I wore it almost everyday and I picked out two of my favourite colours for you. I also have a new addiction but you'll discover what that is if you keep reading.
I have nine favourites this month and one of them was also features in my July Favourites. I will link the review from the products (if I wrote one) along with them and I hope you like it.
This is one of my favourite lipsticks but unfortunately a limited edition. It´s a bright pink matte lipstick and the perfect summer colour. You can make this lipstick as bright as you want or as subtle as you like. By patting the lipstick on your lips you make the colour appear very light but still pink and bright. I love this lipstick because it makes me look very tanned and since I don´t get very tanned naturally I need every help I can get.
This is my newest addiction. I never really used to curl my lashes but ever since I finally bought one and I've been addicted ever since. I didn't want to buy the most expensive eyelash curler since I didn´t know if I was going to use it. But as you might have guessed because it's in my favourites I've been using this a lot lately and I really want the Chanel one (just for the looks, I don't think there will be much difference. 
This is my signature blush and the kind of colour I usually wear. It's a gorgeous rosy pink colour and it glides on my cheeks like a dream. Colours like this give your face that natural healthy glow everybody wants and it looks great on both pale and tanned skin. I probably already told you about this in a previous favourites post but I don't care, I love it (Icona Pop :)).
There is nothing about this shower gel that I don't like. The scent is amazing, the consistency is amazing and the feeling it leaves on my skin is incredible. Due to the formula with lotion my skin is mega soft when I step out of the shower but the best thing is and remains the delicious scent.
I forgot to incorporate these strips in my July favourites but better late then never. Before I went on holiday I used these and four weeks later I used them again (this time it was August). They remove my hair quick and easy but I must admit that it hurts a little. I keep having red bumps for a few hours but the next day my legs look amazing.
This is a lipcombo I've discovered this month and I love it.  The lip liner has the exact same colour as the pen and together they give the most intense colour with the most gorgeous shine. I really hope Catrice makes the lip colour pen reappear in a new limited edition or in the regular collection because it is just an amazing product.
Another reappearing product. I know I already incorporated this in my July favourites but it's just amazing. I wanted you to let you know that I still love it and I wanted to tell you again to check this out in the stores.
August has been a brow month for me. I've been loving filling them in and I'm becoming more daring then ever. Normally I was too scared to fully fill them in but lately I like them more bold. I use the Etos brow powder for doing this, I use the darkest colour and it fits just right. The brush I use for this is the angled brush from HEMA.
Sometimes it's really hot in the Netherlands during the summertime, sometimes it's not but we do have some hot days. During those hot days, I don't like wearing a lot of makeup and cream eyeshadow is great for that kind of days. I love the Maybelline Colour Tattoos but this one is great as well and it's cheaper which is always a good thing.
The nail polishes I wore this month
At the beginning of this month I decided to keep track of the nail polishes I wore with the help of the Wunderlist app. I started this month with Essie 'Beam Me Up', when I'm on holiday I never really wear colourful nail polishes because they chip really easy due to the swimming pool.  After these natural nails I wanted to do something edgy and I decided to paint them in a matte black colour with Rimmel '800 Black Out' and the matt topcoat by HEMA. After wearing such a dark colour it was time for something more summery, OPI 'You're Such A Budapest. I liked this lilac colour a lot but after a week I wanted something different and I painted them in a petrol colour, Catrice 'C01 Dirty Liana'. I finished this month with one my  favourite nail polishes, Essie 'Bikini So Teeny' (picture above) .

Those were my favourites of August and I hope liked reading about them. I'm not really looking forward to September since I've to go back to school and I love having holiday. Unfortunately it can't last forever and I'm looking forward to seeing my friends again and it's my last year of highschool so I hope it;s going to be a blast. .

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