What I Ate #1

Hello my loves,

Today's post isn't beauty related at all but I thought it would be fun to share my diary today. No not a diary of what I did this week, it's a dairy of what I ate. I wanted to take pictures of my food but unfortunately my phone is dead and I normally don't carry a camera with me.
Armed with a dictionary I'm trying to do my best with the translation but I live in the Netherlands and some things I eat aren't available in other parts of the world (maybe you've never heard of them)
Let's hop right in.

Monday: This was a very bad day for me, I don't really know why but I was crying all day, it was raining and I ate way too much.

  • 11.15 AM
    2 rusks with chocolate flakes (beschuitjes met chocoladevlokken)
  • 01.15 PM
    2 Berliner roll (Berliner bollen)
  • 02.15 PM
    5 pieces of nougat (blokjes noga)
  • 05.00 PM
    Beef broth (runder bouillon)
  • 07.15 PM
    Cauliflower with chicken and mild curry (bloemkool met kip en milde kerrie)
  • 10.45 pm
    Chocolate cookie (chocolade koekje)
Tuesday: I went shopping and had brunch at La Place (restaurant). In the evening I went to see my new niece (she's adorable) and had the typical rusks with aniseed comfits, it's a tradition to eat these when you go to see the baby.
  • 12.00 PM
    Ciabatta with cheese and lettuce (ciabatta met kaas en sla)
  • 03.49 PM
    Triangular marshmallow (driehoek spekkie)
  • 06.15 PM
    Chicory hotchpotch with a beef burger (andijvie stamppot met een hamburger)
  • 07.17 PM
    Chocolate Cupcake (chocolade cupcake)
  • 08.45 PM
    Rusk with pink aniseed comfits
Wednesday: On wednesday I don't have a lot to do, I do my paper round and that's really it. In the evening my friend swung by (unexpected) and we ran to the supermarket (before it closed) and watched a movie with some delicious snacks.
  • 11.38 AM
    2 breads with milk and white chocolate sprinkles (broodjes met kwinkslag)
  • 12.35 PM
    Cheesestick (kaasstengel)
  • 06.00 PM
    Chinese noodle dish and  (chinees (bami+nasi)
  • 10.00 PM
    Pringles + skittles
Thursday: This day  I took the time to clean my room (my whole family started cleaning). I also painted the shed door, I didn't have time to eat so it was all quick and take-out. 
  • 01.27 PM
    Dish cod parings (bakje kibbeling)
  • 03.39 PM
    Rocket ice cream (raketje)
  • 07.00 PM
    French fries with a minced-meat sausage (patat met een frikandel)
Friday:  This was my not-at-home-day. I met up with my friend in the morning and around 2 o'clock we went shopping in Utrecht (Dutch city) and I had dinner at my grandma's. 
  • 10.12 AM
    2 breads with cheese and lettuce (broodjes met kaas en sla)
  • 12.51 PM
    Greek yoghurt with honey (Griekse yoghurt met honing)
  • 3.45 PM
    Froyo with strawberries, coconut and watermelon (Froyo met aardbei, kokosnoot en watermeloen)
  • 06.00 PM
  • 06.45 PM
    Chocolate custard (chocoladevla)
  • 08.03
    Apple Rounds (appelkoeken)
I didn't write down what I ate on saturday and sunday.

I kept track of what I ate with the 'Doc's Diet Diary' app, really easy to use. Don't expect a new food diary soon because I didn't really like doing this, it takes me too much time to translate everything into english and some things are just impossible to translate. I hope you still enjoyed reading this and maybe I'll do a real diary in one of the upcoming weeks if I have a fun week (I'm still on summer break for two weeks)

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