The Body Shop Mango Shower & Moisture Set

Hello my loves,

It's finally here, the last body product review of this month and another The Body Shop (TBS) review. My grandmother gave me this set for my birthday (already a month ago) and the products are half empty at the moment but I didn't want to withdraw this review from your guys because the products are amazing.
I don't have the packaging anymore but this set came in a square orange box with the string of the loofa peeking out, a little bit like a christmas ornament. I was smart enough to take pictures of the full products, in case I liked them and wanted to write a review, so on the pictures the products are unused. In the giftset you find a small orange loofa, a whip body lotion and a shower gel.
You can't see the size of the products on the pictures but they're really cute and small. To give you an idea of the size I placed them next to a couple of products and came to the conclusion that they are just as tall as my HEMA Dip & Clean Nail Polish Remover. They both hold 60 ml and I'm surprised how many times you can shower with the shower gel, I used it four times now and it's only half-empty. I can't see how quick the body lotion goes because it sticks to the packaging but I used it four times (along with the shower gel) and it still feels like it's pretty full.
I'm pretty happy with these products, they both smell nice and fruity (not in a chemic way, really natural) and the body lotion moisturizes my skin well. There's nothing wrong with the loofa but I prefer mine a little bit bigger. I have no idea how expensive this giftset costs but I would definitely recommend this as a gift for someone. The scent is very universal and I think everybody will like this, including me:)

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