The Body Shop Giant Review

Hello my loves,

I've been a giant The Body Shop fan since, well since I can remember. The brand isn't the cheapest but it's not expensive either, it's kind of in the middle. You can imagine I was really happy when I received a 25 euro gift card for my birthday. When I was shopping with some friends and spotted a store of this brand, they couldn't hold me back and I ran in there. I bought three things and here's a review of them.
All three items I bought were in the sale and therefore 50% off. I bought two body butters because the body butters from The Body Shop are the bes. The other thing I picked up is one of their showergels, just because I liked the scent. I'm going to start with the yellow body butter.
Sweet Lemon Body ButterWith cold-pressed lemon seed oil from Italy.
The first body butter that caught my eye was this lemon one. I bought this before I went on holiday and I did that on purpose. Since I go to the same camping in France every year (for 5 years now), I have quite some experience with the mosquitoes there. The scent of lemon is something mosquitoes hate and I thought that if I would smear this before I went to bed, I wouldn't be stung. Sadly it didn't work, apparently mosquitoes love me even with a touch of lemon. Even though it didn't keep the bugs away, I still loved this body butter. It smells great (lemon is one of my favourite scent and flavour) and moisturizes my skin really well. The chloor from the swimmingpool in France made my dry and migrant, I applied this every evening and I really feel like it worked.
Raspberry Body Butter
With cold-pressed raspberry seed oil from Chile.

This is the second body butter I chose.Raspberries are my favourite fruit and I love almost every product with raspberries in it, I even have a top with raspberries on it. I didn't try this one out a lot but I already love it. Of course I've tried it out and I didn't have any complaints about it. It smells nice and moisturizes my body amazingly. This one is a little bit harder then the lemon one I bought as well. Maybe thats because this one hasn't been exposed to 43 degrees and the lemon version is.

Papaya Shower Gel
Soap-free cleanser with papaya fruit extract from Thailand.
OHLALA, papaya (hihi that rimes). I've never tried a shower gel from The Body Shop but I was sold by the smell. I've absolutely no idea how a papaya tastes or smells because I've never seen them in the grocery store but I love the way this shower gel smells. For some reason this scent reminds me of a tropical vacation on a beautiful island with palm trees. The shower gel ladders up great and doesn't make my skin feel dry after use like a lot shower gels do.

I'm really pleased with the products I picked up and the Sweet Lemon Body Butter was even in my last favourites. I have no doubt that the Raspberry Body Butter and Papaya Shower Gel will be huge favourites as well.

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