Shower Gel Review

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Today I have another shower product review, the third on this month. I bought two shower products when I was in France and I wanted to review them for you. The first one is by Yves Rocher and the other one of from Fa. Enjoy
The one I picked up from Fa is a moisturizing shower cream with body lotion effect that smells like pomegranates. The Yves Rocher shower cream is a limited edition shower smoothie with the scent of mangos and passion fruit. I'm going to start with the shower cream from Fa.
Fa Shower + Lotion Pomegranate moisturizing - shower cream. 
I saw this in a french supermarket for two euros and I couldn't leave it there. As far as I knew, this wasn't sold in the Netherlands. That was until I returned from France and saw an advertisement on television on guess what, the Fa shower + lotion products. This new line consists of two variations, Pomegranate is the one I have and the other one smells like avocado.
The packaging has a golden silvery colour with pink, red and brown details (Avocado: green and brown). When I was little I used to love the lids from Fa products because they have a see through lid in a bright colour, pink in this case. I don't think the picture of the pomegranate is very appealing, it looks very fake. No, I like the packaging from Dove better, they look more real and more tasteful.
The shower cream has a white pearly colour and looks light pink if the light hits it in the right way. It smells really soapy mixed with some fruit and I love it. The scent was the main reason of why I bought this and I don't regret it at all. It's definitely a summer scent but not so summery that you can't use this in the autumn or winter. This shower cream had SLS in it which is a downer for some people but I don't really care. It smells nice, ladders up great and leaves my skin feeling moisturized and smooth.
I bought mine for two euros because there was some sort of discount going on but the Fa shower + lotion shower creams cost €3,29 (250ml) and are available at most drugstores.

Yves Rocher Shower Cream Mango - Passion Fruit (limited edition smoothie).
I bought this last year in a mini version to try it out and I love it. Sadly they were sold out when I had time to visit a Yves Rocher store, you can understand how surprised I was when I saw them in France. I was looking at the makeup (didn't buy anything) when this product caught my eye, couldn't it really be my beloved smoothie?
The packaging is really cute. I comes in a basic clear plastic bottle but the sticker looks really tasteful. A big mango and a half passion fruit surrounded by white letters and orange. I think Yves Rocher did a great job in making this looks delicious.
This and the one from Fa are both shower cream but this one is way more liquidy than the Fa one. When I was photography that one I had time but the Yves Rocher one glided of my wrist immediately. The scent of this shower product is the perfect summer scent in my opinion, I used this last year and I'm pleased to be able to use it again this summer. Yves Rocher did a great job with naming this product, it really looks like a smoothie and I constantly have the urge to drink it while I'm writing this (it's next to me on my desk).
You can buy this shower smoothie at the Yves Rocher store but you have to be quick cause they'll be sold out before you'll know it. The mini one I had last year costs €1,50 (50ml) and the normal one I have at the moment costs €4,90 (400ml).
I'm very happy with my two new shower treasures but I won't be buying any new ones soon. Before this month ends I'll review two other showergels both by The Body Shop but then I'll ban myself from buying any shower gel until I finish a few of them (I currently have 8 mousses or gels).
I hope you'll give the new Fa shower+lotion product a try and be quick if you want to try the shower smoothies from Yves Rocher (there's also a eau de toilette of this scent) because it's a limited edition.

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