Rituals Foaming Shower Gel Sensation: Sunrise and Happy Buddha

Hello my loves,

One of my favourite shower gels of all time is the Fujiyama foaming shower gel sensation from Rituals. You can understand that I couldn't stop myself from buying this shower gel when there was a sale going on. Since my Fujiyama one is not finished yet, I went for two other scents. I choose two orange ones (don't ask me why), I bought Sunrise and Happy Buddha.
The Rituals foaming shower gel sensation is a really cool shower foam that I've been loving for quite some time now. I've already tried the Fujiyama one which is my favourite but I also really liked the Blue Dragon version. Sunrise and Happy Buddha I've never tried before.
The Rituals shower foam are very cool as I told you before and a little goes a long way what makes them last a very long time. I bought two orange ones but they are both very different. Happy Buddha combines mandarin with yuzu (citrus fruit). Sunrise has orange as well but in this one it's combines with cedar. Due to that cedar, Sunrise smells a lot warmer while Happy Buddha smells more fresh.

The shower foams are really easy to use and make it fun to take a shower. You put a little bit on your skin, the products comes out of the container as a gel but quickly turns into a foam. Rituals claims is changes in contact with water but on the second picture I just put a little bit into the lid (dry) and it worked as well.
You can buy the Rituals foaming shower gel sensation for € 8,00 at selling point from Rituals, in Holland they sell this brand at V&D. They're not the cheapest shower products but I think they're definitely worth it. Go check out Fujiyama and Blue Dragon as well and I'll promise you, you will not regret buying them.

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