Quick Tip: Kruidvat Candles

Hello  my loves,

Today I have a really quick tip for you (mainly for my Dutch readers). I was in Kruidvat the other day and I found these amazing candles from the Home & Styling Collection on sale for € 1.99, a huge bargain for a good candle.
Maybe it's a bit weird to write about candles on a beauty blog but, WHY NOT? I've seen loads of candles hauls by beauty bloggers from all over the world and I love watching those. They always buy a huge amount of candles for Bath & Body Works but we don't have that store in the Netherlands (sadly enough). Luckily there are loads of other stores with candles and I couldn't leave these two at the store.
I bought two out of the four candles they had,'Orange Lily Flower' and 'Water Lily'. The names of the other candles, I can't remember but there was a pink one as well. The candles are really heavy, look very luxurious and have an iced effect, if you understand what I mean. I haven't burned them yet but they smell really strong (not that that's a bad thing, I love a strong smelling candle) .
Be quick if you want to buy these candles (which I would do if I were you) because Kruidvat changes it's stock a lot.

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