Nivea Lip Butter: Raspberry Rosé

Hello my loves,

Today I'm telling you about one of my favourite products of the last time. I've been applying this on my lips like a crazy person and I love the scent of it. It's the lip butter from Nivea in Raspberry Rosé.
You can buy the Nivea lip butter in three versions.

  • Original: This is the most basic one from the three. No scent and no colour.
  • Raspberry Rosé: This is the one I have. It smells like raspberries and looks light pink.
  • Vanilla & Macadamia: This one has macadamia in it which is something I love and heard nothing but good things of.
I only grabbed the Raspberry Rosé version because the store I went didn't have the Vanilla & Macadamia in stock and I didn't feel like buying the original version.
It's a bit weird that the first thing I'm going to say about this lip product is not a good thing, even though I love it a lot. That bad thing I want to say is about the packaging, it's not very handy to have a lip butter like this in a tin because you're hands aren't the most clean thing in the world and you can't always wash them when you want to. Don't get me wrong the tin looks really cute but it's not very convenient. 
The lip butter is very sheer and gives your lips a very milky finish. It hydrates them really well and I think the product smells delicious. It smells like raspberries mixed with that typical nivea scent. When I lick the product of my lips, I don't really taste anything which is good because some products I've tried taste horrible. 
You can but the Nivea lip butters at the drugstore for €3,99. They're available in the Netherlands but I've seen American YouTubers talking about them as well so they're probably available in the rest of the world as well.

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