New in: Pandora Bracelet

Hello my loves,

A while ago I did a new in post about my new All Stars and I thought I would show you my new bracelet that I got for my birthday. I already had a Pandora bracelet, you know, the one with the beads that was really popular a couple years ago? I never really wear that one because my skin gets caught into it. When I saw they brought out a new kind of bracelet I wanted to buy it but my mother said no and guess what. She bought it for my birthday.
I got the bracelet in taupe with a silver bead and I thin it's really pretty. On it's own it isn't really cute but stacked with some other silvery bracelets. In the summer I don't really wear any bracelets other then the leather ones I always get during my holiday but with autumn and winter coming up, I think I will get a ton of wear out of this lovely bracelet.

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