Mixed Review: L'Oréal Paris, Catrice & Essence

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Today I have a brand new review for you, a collective on to be exact. I'm reviewing 4 lip products from three brands, the XXXL Shine Lipgloss from Essence, the Infinite Shine Lip Gloss from Catrice and two L'Oréal Paris ones, the Shine Caresse and the Infallible Lipstick.
I didn't pick these up in one time but in two separate trips to the mall. I was going to do separate reviews of them but  I thought they were so similar that I decided to join them all in one happy family review.
Catrice: Infinite Shine Lip Gloss
I'm going to start with the Infinite Shine Lip Gloss by Catrice a gorgeous coral lipgloss called '070 Very Very Raspberry'. According to Catrice the Infinite Shine Lip Gloss is their next generation of lipgloss and ensures an intense shine a bright colour. They have a moisturizing formula and guarantee a gorgeous lips without leaving behind a sticky sensation. There are 13 shades in total.
The packaging of this one really basic yet classy, just like I Catrice normally does it. A basic clear packaging with a black lid, really nice.

L'Oréal: Infallible Lip Stick
The second product I'm going to write about has become on of my favourite lipsticks lately (and I turned my mother on to them as well). There supposed to stay on your lips for 24 hours, keep a smooth colour and that all without drying them out. My mother has bought three other shades but the one I'm reviewing is '109 Blossoming Berry'.  
This could've been a packaging from Catrice and it´s really similar, only this one has two ends. It´s mainly black but the side with the colour is clear. 

Essence: XXXL Shine Lipgloss
Back in the days when I was a tiny little girl I bought my first ever makeup item and that was a lipgloss from Essence. It was a very sheer nude pink shade and didn't last very long but still , I loved it till pieces. That one is now gone and I think they discontinued it. After that lipgloss I never bought an Essence lipgloss again (don't know why) but when I saw them on sale I couldn't behave myself and I bought '15 True Love'. 
This one is the ugliest out of the four, you get what you pay for in this case. The lid is silver which looks really cheap in my eyes and the silver letter don't really help with this.  
L'Oréal: Shine Caresse
This lipgloss is supposed to be the new definition of colour and shine. The unique formula contains 30% water and this makes your lips feel ultralight. The colours are enriched with 100% pure light for the ultimate shine (yeah right). This lipgloss gives your lips a gorgeous wet look without drying them out.
This packaging is my favourite out of the four, it's gold! (do I need to say more?). I like the fact that you can still see the colour and I also like the fact these looks a lot like the YSL lipstains (I'm eying them, should I get one?)

That's what the brands say about their 'amazing' lipproducts' and my opinion about the packaging. Let's how they do while I'm actually wearing them. 
On the left you see them right after I applied them and the right picture shows the swatches after I tried washed them off. I wasn't expecting them to all be so amazingly pigmented but they are. The not so good thing about almost all of them is how easy they were to remove them. Only the L'Oréal Infallible left a stain on my wrist. Here are the applicators, they're in the same order as the swatches. 
 The applicator from Catrice is slightly curved.
 The L'Oréal Shine Caresse lipgloss has a heart-shaped applicator.
 The applicator from Essence is straight.
The L'Oréal Infallible lip stick has two sides. On the side with number one you'll find the colour and on the other side you'll find a moisturizing balm.  

If I must judge the products on their applicators  I think I like the ones from L'oréal the best, both of them work great. In second place comes the applicator from Catrice but this one doesn't pick a lot of product up. The one from Essence is awful, it's hard to apply the product with it and the product doesn't goes on smoothly. 
On the left you see my bare lips and on the right you see the products on my lips. From top to bottom.
  • Catrice: 070 Very Very Raspberry
    The Catrice lipgloss is barely visible on your lips but does give them  a beautiful sheen. It's a really soft coral colour with a ton of gold shimmer, these aren't really visible on your lips or in the swatch but when the sun hits them right, your lips sparkle. This is however not a very longlasting lipgloss and you need to reapply it quite a lot during the day. 
  • Essence: 15 True Love
    This lipgloss gives my lips a little bit more product then the previous one but still not a lot. It has silver shimmers and I love the effect it gives my lips.It's the perfect subtle berry colour for fall. The duration is just as long as the one from Catrice, after an hour it's completely gone. 
  • L'Oréal: 102 Romy 
    The picture doesn't do this lip gloss justice, it's far more beautiful in real life. It makes my lips a bit darker and stays there all day, giving them a stained effect. It's a great everyday colour and an amazing my lips but better lipgloss. 
  • L'Oréal: 109 Blossoming Berry
    This is the only lipstick in this review and it's a good one. The colour is really intense and this  products stays on like a train, when I apply it in the morning (8 o'clock) it's still there in the afternoon (7 o'clock) and I couldn't remove the swatch I made in store of my wrist. Even with showers and a swimming pool, it stayed there for five days. Don't be scared to be stuck with this on your lips for that long cause it can be removed with some waterproof makeup remover (this however didn't work on my hand, I even tried abrasive)
I'm going to end this review with the prices and that was it for today's review, the last on of this month already but don't be sad, I'll be back next month with more blogpost for you.
Catrice Infinite Shine Lip Gloss:  € 2,99
Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss: € 1,89
L'Oréal Paris Infallible Lipstick: € 15,99
L'Oréal Paris Shine Caresse Lipgloss : € 14,99

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  1. The L'Oreal Infallible one is gorgeous! x