Kruidvat Salt Scrub Hammam

Hello my loves,

In my July favourites post, I already told you about this scrub. I wrote how much I loved it and I promised a review of it. Today it's time for that review.
I couldn't resist this when I finally saw this at Kruidvat, this is not the first scrub from them that I tried. Before this one I used the salt scrub with lavender a lot. That one is great but I got tired of the scent pretty quick (luckily I have a mother who loves lavender), that's how I justified buying a different one. Even though my lavender is not finished yet. 
The packaging of this scrub is made out of plastic but that doesn't make it light, ow no. This is pretty heavy (not so handy for traveling). The scrub has a mosterd colour but that's not the scent (luckily). I think the only way to describe the scent is with the words Morocco and delicious. It smells a little bit spicy and sweet at the same time. The scrub is made from sea salt and glycerin with a little bit of argan oil.
The scrub comes sealed which was a surprise for me because most drugstore products aren't. It's a good thing though, this way you know for sure no one used it. Before you use the scrub you have to mix it a little bit because the oil separates a little. The scrub is very gentle but after you scrubbed your body your hands feel a little bit peeled if you understand what I mean. The rest of my body however, feels very soft after using this.
It smells delicious, works great and it's fairly cheap, only €4,49. What can you want more? I'm really eager to try the other versions of this scrub but I will force myself to finish this one first. I'll have to because my mother doesn't like the scent, this proves it's not universal. Go smell this before you buy it, maybe you don't like it but I'm a fan.

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