July Favourites

Hello my loves,

I know my favourites are a bit late this month but I have a good reason for it; HOLIDAY. Yep, that one word is the reason my favourites are so late, normally I post them on  the first or second day of the month but this month I was in France those days.
It's currently raining so the lighting of these pictures is really bad, forgive me but I can't control the weather.
In this post I will share my july favourites with you. This month I have quite a lot new favourites and some of the reviews aren't online yet but don't worry they'll come soon enough. The favourites I picked are all kind of summery. It varies from sunscreen to perfume so let's hop right in.
L'Oréal: Sublime Sun Bronzage Idéal: SPF 50 (très haute)
I can't say enough how important sun screen is, especially in the summer. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I put on my face is a sunscreen and before I leave the door I also apply it on my body. The sun screen I use for my body is this one from L'Oréal. I bought it in France because I forgot to bring one (STUPID!) and I really liked it. I told you in my Decubal calming gel review that I was badly burned, that was before I purchased this sun screen. After I started using this, I didn't got burned at all anymore. 
Revlon: ColourStay 12 Hour Eyeshadow: 05 Blushed Wines
I believe I already featured this quatro in a favourite post before but I'm going to do it again. This was one of the eyeshadow palettes I took with me on holiday and I rediscovered this one. I have a weird eye colour but they're mostly green and if you have green eyes, definitely try out purple or pink eyeshadow. It makes them pop. I love these eyeshadows for a simple natural look. The look I make with it is really easy, I apply the third colour all over my lid and the fourth one in my crease. Then I put the second colour on the inner third of my eye and use the first colour as a highlight in my tear duct area and under my browbone. That's it, my easypeasysummerbreasy eye look is done.
Vichy: Micellar Cleansing Lotion: Sensitive skin and eyes
My mother bought this for me because I wanted the bioderma micellar cleansing lotion so bad (I bought that one in France but I haven't tried it yet). I use this stuff in the morning to give my face a boost and remove the last bits of makeup from my face. I like it, it does the job and it smells nice.
Kruidvat: Salt Scrub: Hammam
This is HEAVEN in a jar, I can honestly tell you that this scrub smells the most delicious out of all of the scrubs I've ever tried. It doesn't smell summery at all but when I take a shower with this, I dream of a holiday in Morocco. I imagine myself walking over a local market, experiencing hot summer nights and nightly rides in the Sahara. The scent isn't the only good thing about this scrub, it also leaves your skin super soft and smooth. I waxed my legs before I went on a holiday and scrubbed them with this scrub. Every Time someone touched my legs, their mouth dropped and the couldn't get over the fact how soft they were, amazing isn't it? 
Maybelline: The Eraser Eye, Perfect & Cover Concealer with Goji Berry and Haloxyl, Instant Anti-Age
I'd been meaning to pick this up for quite some time now and before I left for France I finally did. I was doubting so long cause it's an anti-age products and I'm only 17 years old, I thought this wouldn't be fitting for my skin. I don't think this product is really anti-aging because I do not notice a difference in my skin. The thing I did notice was that this is a very good concealer and I love it. The coverage is great and the colour is exactly the right shade for my skin. It brightens up my undereye area and gets rid of any dark circles I have. The one downside of this is the packaging. You apply the product with a sponge and that isn't very hygienic. So far this hasn't broken me out but I think you can't use this a long time. 
John Frieda: Full Repair Perfect Ends Deep Infusion: Silkens + Protects
I've been wanting to try out a hair serum for a while now but I always thought they were to expensive and I was afraid they wouldn't work. This one is not very expensive so I bought it and tried it. I have to go to the hairdresser soon because I have quite a lot split ends. This makes those split ends appear healed, I know that's impossible but apparently it makes a layer around them and they magically heal.
The Body Shop: Sweet Lemon Body Butter: 200 ml
I'm a big fan of the body butters from the body shop and when I received a gift card for my birthday I couldn't wait to go to the store. I picked up two body butters, one with lemon and one with raspberry. The one I took with me on holiday is the lemon one and I love it. The scent is amazing and the best thing is that it keeps the mosquitoes away. Normally I get stung a lot but I didn't got one bite this year and I think that's because I put this body butter on my skin before I went to bed. The body butter is also very hydrating and sinks in really quick.  I hope I will like the raspberry one as much as this one but until I try that one I will enjoy using finishing this delicious body butter from the body shop
L'Oréal: Shine Caresse: 102 Romy
This has been my go to lipgloss this summer. Normally I'm not a lipgloss girl because it's so sticky, this one however feels more like a stain and isn't sticky at all. The colour is really natural and pretty and it stays on your lips for hours. I love the applicator, it's just a really easy lipgloss and I don't really have a lot to say about it, this is was my everyday natural lip gloss.
Catrice: Waterproof Top Coat: 010
I recently wrote a review about this and it has been a lifesaver since then. I brought the Lashes To Kill Mascara with my on holiday but that one isn't waterproof at all, luckily I brought this top coat with me. This holiday was the ultimate test, and guess what it got an A+. I went swimming with this, my mascara didn't run, I went canoeing with this, my mascara didn't run, I danced in the rain with this and guess what, my mascara didn't run. Well done Catrice, this is the summer invention of the year for me.
Marc Jacobs: Daisy: Eau So Fresh
This is the one favourite in this post that I didn't bring with me on holiday. The reason I didn't is the lid, it's just to big to travel with. The two weeks I wasn't in France, I wore this perfume non-stop. For me it's the perfect summer scent, light, fresh and delicious. 

That was is for this months favourites. July was a good month for me, I'm currently on a summer break and I had the most perfect summer holiday in years. It was a month full of sun, boys and water. I hope you month was as good as mine.

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