HEMA Destressing Shower Mousse

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I know, I know, another shower gel review, I recently reviewed the shower foams from Rituals and today I'm reviewing a shower mousse from HEMA. In the coming month I'll even reviewing more shower gels, on the 16th you'll find a review about two shower products but I'll keep it a secret which two. I guess you can name August the month of the shower gels, at least on my blog.
When I was looking online to see of there were other versions of this shower mousse and I was very pleased to find some other versions as well.

  • Refreshing White Tea Foaming Shower Gel
  • Caring  Black Orchid Foaming Shower Gel
These two are foaming shower gels while the one I'm reviewing a shower mousse is. I think they are pretty similar but I can't judge because I don't have the other ones. There's also a body butter version of the destressing line. 
The HEMA destressing shower mousse comes in a purple flask with silver details, I personally like the design. The shower mousse smells like ylang ylang, I didn't have any idea what that was so I did some research and it turns out that it is a flower. I also found a perfume with this ingredient and you never guess which one, Chanel N°5, the most classic perfume ever. The shower mousse also has fig and geranium extract in it, this is a good thing since I'm a big fan of fig, one of my favourite body washes has blue fig in it (Dove Go Fresh Body Wash Blue Fig & Orange Blossom).
This is how the mousse looks when it comes out of the flask. White and thick, a little like hair mousse if you understand what I mean. The mousse lathers up pretty nice and is easy to spread over your body. This product reminds me a little bit of the Rituals shower foams but this one is a little bit firmer then the one from Rituals. The big advantage of the one from HEMA is that it's cheaper, it costs €4,95. 

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