Garnier Fructis Grapefruit Tonic Shampoo

Hello my loves,

It all started with a little sample I got when I was at the checkout register in the drugstore, the cashier gave it to me and it caught my attention.
This is the little sample she gave me, just your basic shampoo sample. Only this one is bright orange and looks kind of tasty. This packaging made me want to go back into the store and buy the shampoo but I forced myself to try it out first. I don't think writing reviews about sample products is fair to do so I think you can guess what eventually bought...
I'd already seen the full-size packaging (DUH, it's printed on the sampleversion) but it still amazed me and I kinda want eat it. I already used a bit before I took the photos so keep in mind that there's more product than you see on the picture, 250ml to be exact.
The shampoo has a reddish/orange colour and the bottle is clear with reddish/orange and green details. A really cool detail they added, is the back of the sticker that's on the back of the bottle (say whut?!), they printed the pulp of a pink grapefruit on it. This makes me feel like I'm juicing a grapefruit when I'm washing my hair in the shower.
This is a list of the ingredients it does has some grapefruit extract in it but also apple and citrus.
  • Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate: Don't confuse this with SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate), which is not so good for your hair. It's associated with probable carcinogens and known to cause skin and eye irritation. ALS is the less aggressive version of SLS and is less irritating for your scalp. Source, Source.
  • Citric Acid: this helps keep shampoo at the right PH balance to wash away dirt and oil while also causing hair cuticles to lie flat so hair looks shiny and smooth. Source
I also found a site on which they had something negative to say about almost every ingredient of this shampoo. I'm not very picky about shampoo and I just want it to clean my hair and give me some volume (optional, I can always use some mousse or dry shampoo). The only thing I care about is SLS, that's something I don't want to put on my hair, ALS and SLES are fine, just not SLS. That's the only thing I look for when I'm checking the ingredient list. The front of the packaging says that there aren't any silicones or parabens in it but I usually like those, they give my hair a boost of volume. Now I know that I can't expect that from this shampoo.
I love the way this shampoo smells, in terms of smell I usually love everything with citrus and this isn't an exception. It smells delicious, fresh and perfect for summer. The scent isn't very strong which can be good because that could mean it's better for your hair (less parfum) but I like strong scents that leave your hair smelling after you showered better. 
A little trick to give your hair a volume boost (even without silicone and paraben) is massaging the product into your hair, starting at the back of your head. Believe me, it really works. This shampoo ladders up great and gives me a head full of foam. 
When I get out of the shower (after my hair has dried, obviously), my hair feels clean and it looks really shiny, which is exactly what the packaging says. It promises me to create shiny and light hair and it keeps that promise.
I do need to use a conditioner because this shampoo isn't very moisturizing for your hair. This is nothing new because I always use a conditioner along with my shampoo (just like most people). I wash my hair every three days and this shampoo keeps it shiny and clean for two, on the third day I really need to use a dry shampoo or wear my hair in a updo, this also isn't anything new because I have to do this with almost every shampoo. 
I recommend this shampoo if you have (just like me) normal hair that needs some shine but if you miss some volume (like me) you need to use a mousse after it as well. Let me know it if you're using a good volumizing shampoo, cause I haven't found one yet. Meanwhile I keep trying out shampoos and reviewing them for you until I find one that gives me shine and volume at the same time... (a search that will probably never end)

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