Decubal Calming Gel

Hello my loves,

Today I have a bit of a different review for you. It's not makeup and it's not really beauty as well. I'm reviewing a gel for you. No, not gel for your hair, gel for your skin. I'm reviewing the calming gel from Decubal today.
I never heard of this brand before but my mother brought it home for me. I did some research and I found some information about Decubal.
Decubal helps the skin in a natural way. The products activate the production of lipids and contain skin's own lipids. That's how Decubal takes care of the skin in two ways, on the surface and in deeper skin layers.
Sounds good doesn't it?
The packaging of this gel is really simple. It comes in a red box with white letters and the tube itself is clear with a white lid and three letters are black or red. The gel is clear, just like the tube and has no particular scent or smell.
Ways to use the decubal calming gel

  • Treatment for little cuts in the skin.
  • Relief and prevent sporadic dry, itchy and red skin. 
  • After shaving
  • As an adjunctive treatment for exceem. 
  • Along with sunscreen
  • As an extra moisturizing base under a day- or night cream

The gel is cold indeed, if you apply it on your skin you feel the coldness of it. It also leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft. When I was on holiday, I got burned very badly on the first day and you wouldn't believe how painful that was. I got burned on my shoulders and around my armpits. I couldn't wear a normal bra for three days straight, I had to wear a strapless one and believe me that's not very handy when you're running around. I put this gel on the burned areas and it felt so nice, it cooled the areas don't and eased the pain.
I used this gel a lot during my holiday and I really think it made the areas I'd burned heal faster. Because it was so hot in France, I stored the gel in the fridge and applied the cold product to give the burned areas some relief.
My mother bought this gel at the pharmacy where she worked but she can't remember the price.

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