Catrice Made To Stay Longlasting Eyeshadow: 080 Copper & Gabbana

Hello my loves,

Today I have a review of a product that won't be in stores much longer (or not even at all). I'm a big fan of cream eyeshadows and when I saw this particular one was going to be discontinued, I couldn't leave it. Never have I tried a creamy eyeshadow from Catrice before and I hope they'll be just as good as the colour tattoos from Maybelline (review).
While writing this review I wanted to check which colours Catrice did as well. I came to the conclusion that  they are no longer available because I couldn't find them online. I thought they only discontinued two colours but apparently they discontinued the whole line. Luckily I picked '080 Copper & Gabbana' before they removed them from the stores.
This is what the product looks like. In the packaging I can see a lot of similarities with the colour tattoos from Maybelline. A clear glass jar, a black lid with a sticker on top with the colour of the product, just like Maybelline did. The difference is that the ones from Maybelline are bigger and hold more product, the texture looks different as well.
This is how great the pigmentation is, just as good as the colour tattoos. I know I've mentioned those a lot but they are just so much alike. The Catrice Made To Stay Longlasting Eyeshadow is softer and the texture is a little bit different. The colour is really special, it's gold, bronze and copper at the same time, really interesting.  Let's see how it performs on my eyelids.
The Products I used:
Catrice: Made To Stay Longlasting Eyeshadow: 080 Copper & Gabbana.
L'Oréal: ColorAppeal Chrome Shine: 169 Sepia Sparkle.
Maybelline: Silk Glam By Eyestudio: 20 Coral Drama.
Maybelline: Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner: 01 Black.
Catrice: Longlasting Eyepencil Waterproof: 050 Brown Town Girl.
Catrice: Lashes To Kill Eye-Opening Effect Mascara.
I love the look of gold or bronze on my eyes, around my pupils I have a gold edge and I also have some gold specks in my iris. By putting that same colour on my eyes, I brings out the colour. I combined the 'Made To Stay Longlasting eyeshadow' from Catrice with a beautiful sepia colour which has kind of the same shade as the one from Catrice and they looks great together. 

You can't buy this product anymore but I still wanted to write this review for you, I hope you still enjoyed reading this and maybe you'll find it in a discount bin somewhere. 


  1. Hi!

    I found your blog when I was searching for reviews on Catrice makeup. We have Catrice makeup here in Singapore some time back but I only get to try them very recently. :)))

    We still have the whole range of the cream eyeshadows here and I think I'm going to get a few to try after reading your review. :) thank you for sharing!

    On a side note, can I say that Holland is a beautiful country. I went there for a holiday in 1999 after my graduation and I really love the place a lot! I hope to return for a visit soon

    AhCapp :)

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for your lovely comment and it's so cool to see that someone from Singapore reads my blog :)
      I agree with you about Holland, it's a nice country but Singapore can be there as well. It's a place I always wanted to visit.

      love, Ordinary Dutch Girl

  2. Hi again!

    Thank you for your reply! I finally bought the cream eyeshadows today. We only have 4 here at the counter and I bought 040 lord of the blings and 070 mauvIe star. I sooooo wanted to buy the copper one which you have reviewed and the green one which I have forgotten the name. I resisted because I want to save something for me to buy when I return back to the counter! :) it's really bad that the nearest Catrice counter is only 10min away from my house by bus! ;)

    I am currently on my maternity leave (I gave birth to my child no3 3 weeks ago) so I don't have a chance to wear much makeup except BB cream. But I sure hope to try these eyeshadows really soon! :))

    Btw, what other Catrice products would you recommend? I would love to read more reviews soon! :)
    Thank you again for sharing! :))


    1. Aw congratulations with you baby :)
      A 10 minute bus ride? That nothing I'm there in 5 minutes by bike (my wallet loses a lot of weight due to this. Other products from Catrice I love are the lipsticks (a review of the new lipsticks comes on August ninth)and the new Liquid Metal Eyeshadows (a review of these will come on August third) but my favourite product has to be the Absolute Nude Palette (review:

      Love, Ordinary Dutch Girl