Catrice: Glamazona Absolute Eye Colour

Hello my loves,

I'm back, back from a fantastic holiday. It's time for the last out of the three reviews from the Catrice Glamazona collection. I already reviewed the blush, lip pen and nailpolish. Today it's time for the eyeshadows.
I bought two eyeshadows out of the four. The two that appealed the most to me were 'cARMOURflage' and 'I got the flower'. The other two eyeshadows are 'Lime Heart Is Beating Like A Jungle Drum' which is yellow and 'Jungle Treasure' which is brown colour. I didn't go for the yellow one because I cannot image myself wearing yellow eyeshadow and I left the brown shadow because it's very ordinary and I already have some eyeshadows like that in my collection.
The packaging is just like all the other products in the collection, zebra with flowers. Really cool and very fitting for the collection. Just like the regular eyeshadows from Catrice, the shadows come a rectangular clear case.
The quality of these eyeshadows isn't amazing. It's not bad but there's no WOW-factor. The purple colour is very sheer and chalky. The mossy green one is more pigmented but still very chalky. The both have a weird sheen but no glitter, it's really subtle. Even though they're not the best quality, the colours are beautiful and really wearable.
 The products I used for this look:
Catrice: Glamazona: C01 I Got The Flower!
Catrice: Glamazona: C04 cARMOURflage
Catrice: Lashes To Kill: Eye-opening Effect Mascara (review)
Catrice: Longlasting Eye Pencil Waterproof: 070 Blue Berrymore (review)
I made a very simple look with these eyeshadows, using just Catrice products. I applied the purple eyeshadow on my whole lid and the mossy green in my crease After I blended it all I reapplied the purple eyeshadow but this time with a damp brush.
I think these eyeshadows a exactly worth the price, which is € 2,89, not a cent more. They're not horrible but their not amazing as well. They are chalky and it's quite hard to make them appear on your lids. I would skip these I were you.

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