NOTD: Catrice 875 It's All I Can Blue

Hello my loves,

I believe I already did a NOTD post about this nail polish but has to be at least a year old. This is such a summery and beautiful colour I still wanted to share it with you. The colour I'm talking about is the skyblue nail polish '875 It's All I Can Blue' by Catrice.
Catrice recently redid their nail polish formula and now I don't like it anymore. I love the old ones like the one I'm talking about right now. The brush of these old ones was pure perfection and reminds me a lot of the ones from Essie.
This blue is a very weird blue colour. It's not a cobalt blue and it's also not a light blue. It's a sky colour but brighter, very cool and unusual.
As I told you before, the formula of this nail polish is perfect. I has gone a little bit thicker than when I got but not too much and I can always put some clear nail polish in to make it thinner. The polish has a very gelly finish, which I love and doesn't apply streaky.
I looked on the catrice site and I couldn't find this colour so I think this is out of the collection. A sad thing in my opinion since it's such a beautiful colour.

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