Marc Jacobs: Daisy Eau So Fresh

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It's been a while since I reviewed a perfume for you and I've been wanting a new summery one for quite some time now. One of the perfumes I wanted was Daisy by Marc Jacobs and then the eaus so fresh edition. I was doubting between that one and Lola, also by Marc Jacobs. I decided on Daisy because that one smelled more like summer to me.
Vibrant,, charming, whimsical is how this scent is described. It's a lighter version then the original Daisy and transports you to a happy and sunny place. Sun equals summers and therefore this should be a good summer scent.
This perfume comes in a ginormous box because the cap is so big. The box itself is really cute, it's soft pink with black letters. Around the edges you see yellow and white daisies with a golden heart. I bought the 75 ml one but you can also buy 125ml and 2o ml version.
The design of this bottle looks really cool. I looks a lot like the original daisy bottle but that one is yellow, less tall and wider. Eau so fresh has six daisies on top were the original only has three. The cap is gold and has six daisies attached to it, one yellow, three pink and two white ones. The letters on the bottle are just like the cap, gold.
Daisy is a floral fruity scent and is described as fragrance that radiates with a sunny and sparkling energy, a whimsical, yet elegant fragrance with playful notes f crisp raspberry, sensuous wild rose and deep and warm plum. It has the follow notes:

  • Top notes: raspberry, grapefruit and pear.
  • Middle notes: wild rose, violet, litchi, jasmine and apple blossom.
  • Base notes: plum, cedarwood, musk
I can definitely smell the musk in the perfume but the grapefruit and the raspberry keep it fresh. I love the scent of roses and you can smell those pretty good in this perfume. It smells great and is totally up my alley. I do think it's weird that a perfume called Daisy, doesn't have any daisies in it. Don't you?
Marc Jacobs Daisy eau so fresh is a delicious summer scent and I thing very universal, most of the women on earth will like this, I think. The bottle is unhandy big and not easy to travel with but it looks very cool. The perfume is a eau de toilette but stays a long time smelable. During the day you have to spray again but twice a  day is enough to keep smelling like it all day.
You can buy Daisy eau so fresh 75 ml at the perfumery for €71,50. The 125 ml version costs €94,00 and the petit flower version (which is good for traveling, 20 ml) for €32,40.

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