Intensive'eye wet & dry shadow

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I said this was going to be a month full with Catrice products and yes, here's another one. I've been wanting to try out one of the wet & dry eyeshadows because I love how those look. I was in need of some purple eyeshadow to go with the outfit I planned for a party and I decided to try this one out, finally.
The Catrice wet & dry eyeshadows are available in nine shades but some of them are going out of the collection. I believe the one this blog is about will stay in the assortiment. Catrice says the following about this products:
The handmade, highly-pigmented Baked Eye Shadows with a unique triple colour marbling effect really have a lot to offer. Depending on whether you apply the wet or dry, the intensity of the Intensiv'eye Wet & Dry Shadows ranges from subtle to bright. For every day, every mood, every style.
OEH, handmade, that's cool, three colours, promising, highly-pigmented, amazing. I'm very curious about this. Let's find out if this is as good as Catrice says.
I have to say that the packaging looks really cool. The letters turn into different colour depending on where the light hits them. The rest of the packaging is clear and you can see the colour of the product from the side, this is something I really like because I store my eyeshadows in a row. When the colour is visible from the side I can easily see which eyeshadow I need.
Catrice said that their would be a triple marbling effect but I see only two colours, purple and a pink. In the picture on the Catrice website you can see a darker purple swirl in the shadows but in real life, I can't find it.Nevertheless, the product looks really cool.
Dry this eyeshadow isn't anything special. When I swatched it dry, I immediately noticed how chalky it was. It's one of those eyeshadow that look very promising when you sweep your finger over it, sadly enough that pigment does not transfer onto your skin or eyelid. It's also one of those eyeshadows that get blended away. They look pretty when you apply them on your lid but once you start blending, they're gone.
Wet the eyeshadow is the holy mother of purple goodness, that's how amazing this is. What a difference with the dry swatch. When you swatch this eyeshadow wet, it's full of glitter and pigment. I wonder how this will look on my eyelids.
Products I used:
Catrice: Intesif'eye Wet & Dry Shadow: 090 Ninja Purples
Essence: Floral Grunge Eyeshadow: 02 Eye Like Grunge (Review)
Maybelline: Color Tattoo 24HR Gel-Cream Eyeshadow: 65 Pink Gold (Review)
Mylène: Multi-Colour Eyeshadow: Violet
Maybelline: Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner: 01 Black
Catrice: Lashes To Kill Mascara (Review
I started with this look by putting a pink cream eyeshadow all over my lid. I placed a pink-purple over that and put 'Ninja Purples' in my crease. In my tear duct area I placed a very shimmery light purple color. To finish my look I applied gel liner and mascara.

I'm intrigued by the Catrice Intesiv'eye shadows and I kind of want to pick up more. At the same time I don't want to buy more of them because they only work when you apply them wet. I know that some of the colour will be going out of the assortiment and maybe that I'll buy some with the discount that will come on those.
The Catrice Intensiv'eye Shadow in 090 Ninja Purples is available at the drugstores for €3,89.

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