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Yesterday my mother cam home and gave me a plastic bag on which the logo of HEMA was printed. When I asked what it was she said: 'Nail polish, I really liked the colours and I thought you could review them on your blog.' Well I can't say no to free nail polish and I promised my mother I would review them. That's why I'm reviewing three totally random nail polishes today.
My mother picked out three totally different nail polishes. Two from the long lasting line and one holographic one.The only thing they have in common is the brand, outside that, they're three totally different polishes.
I'm a big fan of the HEMA nail polishes and I have quite a few (review of the chameleon nail polishes by HEMA). It's a sad thing they still give them numbers as names but the variety in colours is amazing. I'm reviewing 51, 818 and 826 for you. 51 one is also called Holographic Green but the other two polishes just have a numer. I made photo's on various places in my house and picked for each nail polish on which picture they came out the best. That's why the lighting looks a little bit different on each picture.
51 Holographic Green
I'm not sure if I like this polish. The colour is beautiful and it looks great in the sunshine but the coverage isn't great. The polish is hard to apply equally and you have to apply three coats for an even surface. Don't expect one of those amazing holographic polishes that you see all over tumblr, expect a pretty polish that looks gorgeous in the sun but isn't a true holo-polish
I wish I could name the polishes from HEMA, the numbers are just so boring. This fiery red polish could be named fire truck or something like that. It's a orangey red with some warm shimmers in it. Can you get the fire extinguisher for me cause my nails are on fire!
Again a number, BORING! The colour is everything but boring, it's a gorgeous berry colour packed with cold toned shimmers. I don't really like colours like this one for the summer but is my go-to in the autumn and winter. The polish is a little bit thin and therefore just a little bit hard to apply but not impossible as I always say.
I think 818 will become a huge favorite of mine, I don't really wear orange polishes because I think it's more something for during football or on queens day (or kings day since we now have king instead of a queen). This one has enough red in it to be appropriate for everyday. 51 is gorgeous but is hard to work with, I'll keep trying o maybe this can become a favorite. 826 is more a colour for autumn but maybe then... 
You can buy the holographic one at HEMA for €3,75, the other two cost €2,50.

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