HEMA Brush Cleaner

Hello my loves,

This spring/sumer has been a brush cleanser month for the Netherlands for some reason. I never had the MAC brush cleanser but almost everybody on the internet had that one and raved about them. This season Kruidvat came out with one and HEMA as well. I looked them both up online and came to the conclusion I wanted the one from HEMA, mostly because I liked the packaging better and it will be on my vanity and also because it had a sweet scent.
If you don't know what blush cleaner is, you've probably been living under a rock for the last couple of months but for the ones that don't know what is. It's basically a product to spot clean your makeup brushes. When you've used a dark black eyeshadow, and you need the same brush to apply another colour, it will most likely turn out black. If you was your brush the old fashion way (with baby shampoo), it will take hours to dry and you don't have that amount of time. Therefore you have your brush cleaner, later in the post i'll explain how to use it, you clean your brush and after a few minutes it's dry and ready to be used.
HEMA has gone pink! The Dip&Clean nail polish remover had pink packaging and this one is pink as well, I like it. You can clearly see the two products are from the same store/band. They both have the same primrose pink colour.
I really like the packaging, it's fun and bright but modern and pretty as well. The big capital letters on the bottle
make it modern but I don't think the colours look modern at all. Maybe I should mention the actual bottle isn't pink, only the fluid is. The bottle is made out of clear plastic.
Now lets see how well it works. I decided to clean to brushes, each with a different eyeshadow in a different formula. On the crease brush (left) I had MAC Mulch and on the other brush (right) I had Essence 02 Deep Sea Baby from the 'Ticket To Paradise' Collection which is a cream/jelly eyeshadow with loads and loads of sparkles.
Both the brush with the powder eyeshadow and the brush cream eyeshadow were easily cleansed. I took a piece of toilet paper (tissues are better but I don't have those at the moment), pour some cleanser on or stick your brush in the bottle (it has an enormous hole on top), swirl it around and voila, a clean brush. If your brush is very dirty you may to repeat it a few time, like I had to with my crease brush but then it all nice and clean.
My brushes dried really quick and five minutes later they were ready to use again. You do have to remember that this doesn't get all the germs out of your brush. You still have to deep clean your brushes, I do that every two weeks with Zwitsal baby shampoo.

I'm  a fan of this one. It works great and looks really cute. Some might hate the scent, especially when you're used to the scentless version from MAC. I don't really care, it smells like a very sweet nail polish remover but it's not overwhelming.

You can but the HEMA Cosmetic Brush cleaner for €4,50 which is really cheap in my opinion.


  1. I have this one for a couple of weeks now and I notice that it's starting to ruin my brushes, some of the hairs are falling out. Do you experience that as well?

    1. Yes, Hanna, with my cheap makeup brushes (HEMA and Kruidvat)I notice some fall-out as well. I think that has nothing to do with the brush cleaner because with my other brushes I don't have that problem (I once got those in some set, they are 6 years old and still perfect). If you use a lot of cheap makeup brushes like me you could invest in some brushes from better quality. That's something I'm going to do when I go to MAC again

  2. Is that brush cleanser still available in HEMA?

    1. As far as I know it still is