Essence 'Ticket to Paradise' long-lasting eyeshadows

Hello my loves,

I'm normally not very impressed by the limited edition by Essence but they've done a great job on the last one (Floral Grunge nail polish review and eyeshadow quattro review), When I saw their june/july collection online I knew I was going to want the cream eyeshadows. Guess what I bought...
  That's right, I bought the cream eyeshadows, or at least I thought they were that. When I swatched them in the store I already noticed that they weren't real cream shadows, the formula was different. When I got home and looked a little bit better I saw the eyeshadow had sort of jelly texture, different from anything I've ever seen.
I think Essence did a great job on the packaging, the actual jar is from glas and feels due to that very sturdy and luxurious. The lid however is plastic but that's not a bad thing. The lids of the Maybelline Colour Tattoo are plastic as well but those cost three times as much. I do notice, as I'm writing this review, that the lids have some condense on it, probably because of the gelly-formula, I hope that doesn't mean that they will be bad in a couple of months.
There are three shades of this product and I bought all three of them.

  • 01 Dive With Me To The Island (left-bottom)
  • 02 Deep Sea Baby (middle-top)
  • 03 Tropical Heat (right bottom)
I love those names! So cute and they fit the collection very well.

01 Dive With Me To The Island
This is my favorite one out of the three. I'm a sucker for mint green and this comes pretty close. 'Dive With Me To The Island is beautiful pale green colour loaded with shimmers.
02 Deep Sea Baby
This is my least favorite out of the three. I almost didn't get is but I'm glad I eventually did. It's a pretty light blue colour, the reason why I almost didn't buy it is the undertone. Blue has a cold undertone and they normally don't look very good on my, dark blues do but these light ones just don't work on me.
03 Tropical Heat
You can never go wrong with some gold. I don't wear a lot of gold makeup but when I have a party or something special, it's usually gold that's shining of my eyelids. Fun fact about me, I almost always wear gold jewelry. I do have some silver rings but I only have 2 silver necklaces and the majority is gold. 
Now hold your horses. don't run to the stores to pick these eyeshadows up. I know that they look very pigmented in the swatches but these are multiple layers on top of each other. As you can see, they are really buildable but when you apply just one layer, you could get a little bit disappointed. 
I find them nevertheless beautiful, 'Dive With Me To The Island' reminds me of a mermaid, 'Deep Sea Baby' of the beautiful seas you could see on a tropical island and 'Tropical Heat' feels like a sundown dropped in a jar.
Products I used:
Catrice: Limited Edition Hip Trip Eyeshadow Palette: C01 Haunting Melody
Essence: Sun Club Glamour To Go Eyeshadow: 01 South Beach
Essence: Ticket To Paradise Eyeshadow: 01 Dive With Me To The Island
Essence: Ticket To Paradise Eyeshadow: 02 Deep Sea Baby
Essence: Ticket To Paradise Eyeshadow: 03 Tropical Heat
Rimmel London: Sexy Curves Mascara: 003 Intense Black

Because the colours are so transparent, I put them over some blue and green colours. That way I made them pop more. The cream eyeshadows put a beautiful sheen onto your eyelid. 
This photo was taken a few minutes after I made the look, you can already see the gold colour, I put on as eyeliner, crackle. However, the eyeshadows stayed on the whole day without creasing. That's has to be said I think. Most drugstore cream eyeshadows crease almost immediately but this one doesn't.
I'm impressed, the rest of the collection is not very special. The Lipglosses are very sheer and the nail polishes aren't really my taste. I was considering to get the shimmer powder but I decided it wasn't my thing, I have one that's a few years old and I never really use it.

You can buy the Essence Ticket To Paradise eyeshadows are available at the stores for €2.89. 

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