Essence Nail Polishes #2

Hello my loves,

Two days ago I posted the first part from the two Essence nail polish posts. Part one had two dark colours but part two is all about the light pastel shades. Just like the previous post I will show you two nail polishes.
Today's polishes are '149 Hello Marshmallow!' and '150 Upper Green Side', two light pastel colours. These are the colours I like to wear during the spring and summer. I love me some bright neons but I prefer the softer pastel trend.
'149 Hello Marshmalow!': This is a gorgeous pastel purple, lilac colour. When I bought thi I thought it looked a lot like OPI's You're Such A Budapest but that one has more blue in it. It has some blue shimmers but those don't show up on your nails.
'150 Upper Green Side': This is my least favorite colour out of the four. It's a light green colour and it would be the perfect foundation colour for Shrek, that's what colour is it. I don't like green nails and I think is  no exception. Maybe fun for a halloween or carnival party but not for everyday.
The quality is not bad, not bad at all. I really like the purple colour and I wore then two days without chipping, which is really good for a nail polish from €1,69. The quality is good as well, these light shades are completely opaque, which is not something I expected. I'll probably give the green one away to someone who will like but it's not for me.

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