Essence Nail Polishes #1

Hello my loves,

Today I'm showing you the first of the four Essence nail polishes I bought. You already saw them in my Utrecht Sneak Peek/Haul. I'm not going to review '127 I Love Bad Boys' because that one is older, the four I'm reviewing are in the newest collection.
The polishes I'm reviewing today, are the two darkest. '147 Miss Universe' and '148 Prom-Berry', two beautiful dark polishes.
Do you remember the old Essence nail polishes? If you do, you probably notice the bottle has changed. I like the new bottles better, they look a little bit more sophisticated than the old ones.
'147 Miss Universe': This is a very opaque shimmery polish. Its dark blue and the shimmers are dark blue and dark green. I think the name is very appropriate, it reminds me of a dark starry night, very beautiful.
'148 Prom-Berry': This one is a dark purple creamy polish. It has some treats of shimmer through it but those don't show up on my nails. The polish is just like the previous one, very opaque.
I'm impressed by these polishes. I haven't bought a 'Colour & Go' polish in a while and these I really like. They don't last a lifetime (I had chips the second day) but with a good topcoat they hold pretty well for € 1,69. They are really easy to apply opaque and even. Come back on the eleventh of July to see the other two polishes I bought, those are a lot brighter.

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