Catrice Waterproof Top Coat

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Today I'm reviewing a product, I think is very cool. That is, if it works. This is a top coat that makes you mascara waterproof. It doesn't matter which mascara, with this coat, it will become waterproof. If this works, it would be a lifesaver because my favourite mascara isn't waterproof.
This is the first waterproof top coat, I've ever tried. In fact, this is the first one I've ever heard off. I didn't know this existent until I saw it in the shelves at Kruidvat (Dutch drugstore where they sell Kruidvat). I bought it because, as I told you before, I was wondering if this would work and make my favourite mascara, the Catrice Glamour Doll, waterproof.
The packaging is very cool I think. It's a blue tube but is has a clear surrounding, it has a double wall. I'm a big fan of the silver in combination with the blue.
This is what Catrice says about the top coat.
Under My Umbrella
Your favourite mascara isn't waterproof? We have the answer; this transparent  gel-like top coat formula seals every mascara and makes it waterproof without clumping. Easy to use thanks to the special fibre brush. Can be removed using waterproof eye makeup remover.
I'm not sure if I like the want of this mascara. It's kind of large and really simple. I'm also not sure if I like the substance, it's kind of weird. This mascara topcoat is also a lot smaller than a normal mascara due to that it feels like a travel mascara.
This is the look I wore to the beach. I thought it would be the perfect day to try this top coat out because I was going to swim. The perfect day to test a top coat that makes your mascara waterproof.
The topcoat kept my non-waterproof mascara in place perfectly. I swum a lot but didn't go under water and my makeup was still on there on the end of the day. The mascara did made my lashes clump a little bit bu it didn't turn them into spiderlegs.

I'm impressed with this top coat. It does the job and that all day. You can buy the Catrice Waterproof Topcoat for € 4,59.

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  1. There is a waterproof version of glamour doll!