Catrice Photo Finish 18h Liquid Foundation

Hello my loves,

I haven't worn a foundations since last year september (if I remember it correctly), just because I was too lazy to buy a new one. I finally pushed myself into buying a new one, I wanted one from Catrice because I heard great things about their foundation. I was doubting whether I should buy it, but I went ahead and did.
The reason why I was doubting was the colour. They didn't have an exact match to my skin, '010 Sand Beige' was to light and '020 Rosy Beige was to dark. I finally went for the last one, 'Rosy Beige'. I thought that with the summer on it's way, I would get a little bit more tanned and then this would be a good for me.
 There is a nasty sticker that won't let himself be removed
I really like the packaging of this foundation. It's a matt/frosted glass bottle with a PUMP! I never really see drugstore foundations with a pump even though it's much better for your skin. With a pump, you don't get as much germs and bacterias on your face as with one without a pump.

Catrice says the following about this foundation:
For a perfect, retouched complexion: the Photo Finish Liquid Foundation 18h with a “Soft Focus Effect”.

Thanks to light-reflecting pigments, it makes your complexion look smooth and radiant for up to 18 hours! The oil-free formula feels pleasantly light on your skin.
Available in four shades with a medium coverage, it comes in a high-quality, frosted glass bottle with a practical pump dispenser.

This makes me even more curious, light-reflecting pigments, it sounds very interesting.They say the bottle is from high quality and I agree with that, it feels very sturdy and firm.
On the first photo you see a stripe of the foundation on my skin.
O the second photo, I worked the foundation into my skin.
On the last photo you see my the skin under my eye. My skin looks way darker here because the lighting is different, I took the photo in direct sunlight.
I don't want to show you my whole face because I this blog is anonymous, I can tell you my opinion about this foundation. 
I've been wearing it for two weeks (on-stop) now and I like it so far. 

  • The coverage is medium but for me that's enough because I have pretty good skin (if I can say so).
  • The colour is a little bit dark for me but I'm going on a holiday in a couple weeks and I think the colour will fit me better with a tan.
  • The bottle is hygienic because it has a pump.
  • After a week I started to notice some things on my skin. I got a few bumps around my nose area and my skin felt more oily than normal. I don't if this is because of the foundation or my hormones (that week is coming).
I'm not really a foundation wearer in the summer so this probably won't be a huge favorite this month but maybe in the fall, we'll see.
You can buy the Catrice Photo Finish 18h Liquid Foundation for €6,59 at the drugstore.


  1. nice review, I am planning to get it too:) let's see :)

  2. looking forward to try it. nice review,