Catrice Lashes To Kill Mascara

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My all-time favorite mascara is the 'Glamour Doll Volume' Mascara form Catrice, long ago I wrote a review about this but those pictures went missing when I did something wrong to my blog. I wanted a new mascara to take with me on a holiday (finally I'm going to France in a couple of weeks) and I really wanted to get my favourite one, the glamour doll, sadly they were sold out. That was a bad and good thing at the same time. It mean that I could buy a different one this time.
The name of the mascara sounds promising, 'Lashes To Kill'. This is what Catrice says about the mascara.
One for all: The temptress amongst our mascaras. Intensive volume, fascinating length and unique, sweeping lashes for a stunning look.
Sounds promising doesn't it?
The packaging is nothing special. Just like most other mascaras, it's black. The brush is also nothing I've never seen before, just a mascara brush made out of hairs not synthetic. The colour is really black as you can  see on the last picture.
I have to say that this isn't the result when I first applied it. I hated this mascara so much at first, that I wasn't even going to write a review. My tip for when you don't like a mascara, let it dry out for a few weeks and it will get better. These photos were made after two weeks and result is pretty dang good. 
The mascara makes my lashes longer and gives them volume. It curls them nicely but during the day it loses the curl again. It als flakes a bit during the day but not very much. The mascara is a bit hard to take off at the end of the day but not impossible
Products I used:
Catrice: Lashes To Kill Mascara
MAC: Velvet Eye Shadow: Mulch
Catrice: Pure Chrome Edition: 02 Bombay Bauble
Catrice: Calligraph Ultra Slim Eyeliner Pen: Blackest Black

I learned my lesson with this mascara, don't judge it immediately. Give it a chance to change. Now I like it and I will use it for three months. If you buy a mascara and you don't like it at first, let it dry out for a few weeks or days and try it again. With 'let it dry out' I don't mean you have to leave it with the cap off. Because you've opened it, it will dry out. Thats just the case with mascara's and the reason why you have to throw it away after a few months. 

You can buy the Catrice Lashes to Kill mascara for €3,99 at the drugstore.

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