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Hello my loves,

A week ago I reviewed the blush and lip pen from the new Catrice Glamazon collection. I promised I would review some other products from the collection as well and today it's time for two out of the four nail polishes. The two other ones are 'I'm a survivor' which is a fiery red one and a 'Lime Heart beating Like A Jungle Drum' which is a lemon yellow colour. 
The nail polishes from the Glamazona are inspired by the flora and fauna from paradise and the names are inspired by the beautiful colours of the rainforest. I went for 'C01 Dirty Liana' and 'C02 I Got The Flower!', the other colours didn't appeal to me. I've never worn a yellow nail polish and I like dark erds better than a plain fiery red.
The nail polishes come in the same packaging as the polishes from the regular collection only these ones have a zebra-print on the cap, a detail I think makes them a little bit more special. The colours don't look very spectacular and not very summery (the ones I didn't buy do) but that doesn't make them less pretty.
 C01 Dirty Liana
The first nail polish from this collection is an immediate hit with me. It's a gorgeous jade colour and since jade is my favourite stone I'm a little bit prejudiced. The polish is opaque in two layers.
C02 I Got The Flower!
I Got The Flower is definitely my favorite colour of this collection. I bought a blush, lip pen and a eyeshadow in this colour because I love purple. The blush and lip pen are more fushia but the eyeshadow and this nail polish are purpleicious. The coverage of this one is good but Dirty Liana is more opaque.
I really like these polishes and I think I'll be wearing them a lot, even though they're not really summer colours. The packaging is cute, the coverage is good enough and they apply nicely (They're not to thick and not to thin, just right).
The polishes from the Catrice Glamazon collection are available at the drugstore at this moment for €2,99

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