Catrice: Glamazona Defining Blush & Lip Colour Pen

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According to Catrice, the new trends of the summer season are multiple flower prints and tropical colours. The fashion designers are loving the exotic blossoms and untamed wildlife of the Amazon this spring. The trends are mysterious, extravagant and glamorous. The limited edition of july is named glamazona brings the dazzling rainforest to the city. The colours are bright and sometimes even metallic, the collection inspires the hunting instinct of all Amazon queens. Sound good doesn't it? That why I bought quite a few products of this months limited edition. I bought the two products I'm reviewing right now, two nail polishes and two eyeshadows. Reviews of those will come in the following weeks.
As told, I'm going to review the blush and the lip pen from the Glamazona collection in the shade: I got the flower! I bought both of the products in the same shade to be able to combine them with each other. I'm going to start with the review of the defining blush.
Catrice says: Wild b(l)ush. The ultra-fine powder rouge with a breathtaking relief structure is easy to blend and conjures-up a naturally fresh look. For a radiant complexion and beautiful definition on the contours of your face.
I'm starting to get more into blushes lately and I couldn't leave this one at the store. It's a beautiful fuchsia colour and the packaging looks stunning. There's some animal print and a flower on the lid. The blush itself has a zebra print.
OMG, I was blown away when I swatched it. It's incredibly pigmented and even my cheap Etos brush picks it up really well. It's a bright fuchsia blush and feels super soft on your skin. It's a little bit hard to apply because it's so crazy pigmented but it's not impossible. Just be carefull when you apply it.
Now let's move on to the lip pen
Catrice says: Lipstick jungle. Turn your lips into exciting, colour-intense and glossy lip-catchers with these Colour Pens. The practical pens are easy to handle and have a soft, retractable mine – for an accurate application and glossy results.
This is one of those lip pens that seem to be very 'trendy' at the moment. I've already reviewed a lip pen from HEMA and I really like that one (review). It's really easy to take with you in your bag. The Catrice one however, is very bright where the one from HEMA was a great everyday colour. The packaging is really cute, girly tough and at the same time. 
Just like the blush this lip pen is crazy pigmented. On the pictures this looks like a bright fuschia pink but in real life it looks a little bit darker, almost a berry colour. It's really easy to apply because it's a stick, it's almost like you're colouring with a pencil in your coloring book, just like when you were a little girl. I do recommend to use a lipliner because the product starts walking of your lips during the day I know that it sounds weird but it's true. After a hour of three, you'll get a pink stain around your lips that is very hard to get rid of. I hope a lip pencil will prevent this because I love the colour of this. I bought the Essence lipliner in 07 Cute Pink, this is the perfect colour and keeps the product in between the lines.
These two products make a great combo and they look really good on a fair skin like mine. The blush is a bit hard to apply since it is so pigmented but as I said before, not impossible. I wore both of them tdy and they last a long time. The blush mutes down during the day and the gloss of this lip pen disappeared which leaves your lips looking stained in a pretty way.
I would not leave these two products from the Glamazona limited edition, get them while they are in stores cause I can imagine they'll be sold out pretty quick. The price of the blush is €3.99 and the lip pen costs €4,99. Review of the nail polish and eyeshadows that are part of the Glamazona collection will come soon.

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