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Today it's time for another tag. It's time for 'the Colours of the Rainbow Tag'. I believe this was created by 'TalkBeckyTalk' and some of the beauty bloggers I watch did this as well. I hope you enjoy reading this.
The pictures I took are a little bit different than usual. I took them outside, let me know what you think of them.
In the 'Colours of the Rainbow' tag, you have to come up with a product or fashionitem that has one of the colours of   the rainbow. So a red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, multi-coloured and pink.
 Rimmel London: Lasting Finish By Kate Lipstick: 01
This is the only red lipstick I own and I never really use it. This is however the only red thing I could think of. I could have done a red top but I want to keep this an only makeup tag.
Essence: Vintage District Blush: 01 It's Popul-Art
This is one of my favorite blushes and it's kind of orange. it also is red but it has orange. I wrote a review about this blush a while ago and I love it. 
Playboy: VIP for her
I don't have a lot of yellow products but I do have a yellow perfume, this is Playboy's VIP for her and it's one of my favorite nighttime perfumes. It's very glamor 090ous and sensual.
Gosh: Effect Powder: Apple Jam
I own four pigments and they are all from Gosh and this is one of them. It's a bright apple green eyeshadow and it's amazing. I don't really use it that often because of the fall-out but I do love it.
Essence: Shimmer powder: 01 The Famous Flamingo
This is a very old product from a limited edition called 'Return to Paradise' which was released during the summer of 2010 The powder i light pink but the packaging is light blue. I use either this or the Catrice 'Prime and Fine Highlighting Powder' as my highlight on my cheekbones.
Lush: Jelly: Sweetie Pie
 I couldn't find anything indigo so I went with a dark purpley blue.I don't really use a jelly when I shower because it makes a hell of a mess. I do like this one a lot because it smell amazing.
Catrice: Intensif'eye Wet & Dry Shadow: 090 Ninja Purples
I'm not going to tell much about this because there's a review coming up. This shadow is a beautiful purple eyeshadow with some pink swirls through it.
Essie: Nail Polish: 220A Cascade Cool
This was the first Essie polish I ever bought and after a year, I still love it. It's a beautiful pink colour which is too bright to be a baby pink and too light to be a hot pink. The quality of Essie polishes is amazing an the colours are incredible.
Essence: Sun Club Glamour To Go Eyeshadow: 01 South Beach
I couldn't think of a multicoloured item so I went with a palette with multiple coloured in it. This is one of my favorite palettes for the summer and I've been using it a lot lately. Mine is probably a year old and I still love to use it. I usually take the blue colour and sweep it along my lower lashline for a pop of colour in a very natural look.

That was it, the Colours of the rainbow tag is finished. This was a little bit harder than I thought to come up with the products but I really enjoyed doing it. I also have a few of my favorite colours of the rainbow tags from other beauty blogger. Click on their username for their YouTube channel.
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Tati: GlamLifeGuru
Karissa: SaturdayNightsAlrite

That was it for today's tag, I hope you like it.

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