H&M Body Treats: Body Butter Cotton Wood

Hello my loves,

In my Utrecht haul/sneak peak you saw a giant silver lid, today I'm reviewing that silver giant for you.
I'm not a big fan of the H&M body products but I couldn't resist this one. I already have a body wash, scrub and body lotio from there but I don't really like either of those. The scrub isn't bad but I just don't really like it. I hope this body treats product will be better.
I really like the packaging of this. H&M beauty products usually look kind of cheap and normally they've a very bright colour. This one however is more my style. It's all plastic but you can't tell, it look like the lid is made from metal and the jar from glass. 
This is a true butter, thick and creamy, you can compare it with a gel. Body butters are my favorite body products. I'm not a huge fan of body lotion, body cream or butter are more my style.
The H&M body butter has a  pale blue green colour, a little bit like seafoam. I can't really place the smell, I guess it's what cotton would smell like but I don't really know how cotton smells. 

I'm in love with this body butter, its smells amazing, moisturizer my body pretty good and looks adorable. You can't buy it at the online H&M site, they just have the other scent (Cashmere) or in the stores (where I bought mine) for €3,95.  There were some other body treats products as well, a bodyscrub, a bodyspray and a roll-on edt


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