Essence: Nail Art Special Effect Topper

Hello my loves,

I'm not a big fan of the Essence nail polish, but since they redid their collection I was willing to try the new ones. Today I'm reviewing the Nail Art Special Effect Toppers and next month I'll review some of the regular polishes.
I bought two of these toppers.  The first one you see on the picture is '15 Glitter On Me' and '13 Mrs And Mr Glitter'. In total I have four out of the eight shades. I won't review '02 Circus Confetti' and '16 Cool Breeze', because I've used those already and they are too old I think.
Essence used to have a nail polish line called 'multi dimension' which I really liked and still have a few from. Those nail polish bottles had the same shape as these nail art ones, the magnetics nail polishes have the exact same bottle. Just a glass bottle with a black lid.
You mustn't forget that these polishes are topcoats. That's why they aren't opaque at all, they are sheer polishes with glitters. 
  • 15 Glitter On Me: this is a clear polish with small silver glitters and rods in all sorys of colours.
    It s kind of hard to get this polish equal on my nails. The rods slip and slide everywhere and don't stay were you want them to do. 
  • 13 Mrs And Mr Glitter: this is a clear polish as well. This has big hexagon glitters in blues and greens.
    This one is even harder to apply equal. The hexagons clutter up on one point of your nails and it just looked like a mess. I managed to get them rather spread by applying the polish in a dipping motion. 
I think '15 Glitter On Me' is my favorite out of these two.  However, I like the formula of the 'Mrs and Mr Glitter better, even though they're both hard to apply equally.
All of my Essence nail art polishes. I couldn't find Circus Confetti, which is sad because I love that one. My favorite is '16 Cool Breeze' which is similar to '08 Night in Vegas', which discontinued. 

In my opinion these aren't very great. They just don't apply nicely. I did wore them over a black polish and really liked the effect. They're only €1,89 each and that's a nice price for these products I think. 

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