Empty: May-June

Hello my loves,

This year I started to do Empty-Posts, I've done two so far and today it's time for the third one. Let's hop right in.
Roc: Demaquillage Actif
This is the remover I use for my eye-makeup. It doesn't irritate my eyes and removes the makeup really easily.I already repurchased it and I saw they changed the packaging. The new packaging is a little bit more hygienic because it's a pump. The downside is that it's almost twice as big and doesn't really fit into the baskets I use to store my products.

Zwitsal: Shampoo extra mild
This is the baby shampoo I use to clean my brushes. This is a mini ad I flew through it. I already bought a new one in a bigger size. 

Etos: Douche Mousse: Kumquat Brazil Nut
I've had this douche mousse for quite some time a loved in last summer. I didn't really use it in the winter and this spring I decided that it was time to finish it, so I did. I definitely liked the scent of this but I wouldn't repurchase it because It didn't do anything for my skin. For me it's important to have a hydrating body wash because I always forget to apply a boy lotion or butter on after the shower. 

Essence: Multi Dimension XXXL Shine Nail Polish: Must Have
I used this nail polish a lot but it has dried out. Time for a new one I thought but when I went to the store I couldn't really find  a similar colour. I still haven't bought another colour like this one but I think I'm going to look at the OPI and Essie collections, maybe even at Dior or Chanel. I Think this is the perfect everyday colour, very appropriate for work or school.

Playboy: Deodorant: Play It Lovely...
This was the popular deodorant at my school, everybody had this and Ill admit, that's the only reason why I bought it. I did like it but it didn't work very good but I liked the scent. I'm more of a dove deodorant girl.

Essence: Lip Balm: 02 Very Cherry
This is a lip balm I really enjoyed using. It gave my lips a very pretty natural pink colour. I didn't really moisturize my lips but it didn't accentuate the flakes as well.
Essence: 2 in 1 Eyeliner Pen: Black
I didn't really like this eyeliner pen. I had to keep it upside down to get a intensive black line but when I'd to do my other eye, the pencil would have lost all his eyeliner somehow and I wouldn't be able to make a black line. I didn't use it up but I thought it was time to throw it away, I wrote a review in February and that's four months ago and I'm a strong believer in throwing mascara and eyeliner pens away after three months. 

Kruidvat: Moisturizing Nail Polish Remover: Easy Pump System
This is the nail polish remover I loved for a while. I went through three bottles of these in a half year. Now I'm a mood were I just like the dip&clean removers nut I've enjoyed using this for a very long time. 

That was it. All the products I finished during May and June. I hoped you liked reading this.

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