Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick

Hello my loves,

I had to do it, I had to buy them, I had to review them. I heard a lot of Dutch beauty bloggers raving about these two lipsticks. They are two lipsticks by Catrice called '050 Princess Peach' and '190 The Nuder The Better'.
I wanted to review two Catrice lipsticks for you. I already have three from limited editions but I wanted some that were in the regular collection. I was looking at the store and none of the colours really appealed to me. I heard lots of great things about these two colours and decided to settle on them. Did I make the right choice or are these horrible? Let's find out.
 The Catrice lipsticks come in a shiny black case with the name of the colour on the bottom. They pressed the name of the brand in the lipstick which gives the product a very luxurious feeling.
These colours are very pigmented as you can see. 'The Nuder The Better' is a typical my lips but better nude lipstick and 'Princess Peach' is a bold bright colour.
  • 190 The Nuder The Better: this is a beautiful nude colour. Sometimes a nude lip can make you look ill but this one doesn't, due to the warm undertone. It's the perfect colour for a 'I'm wearing makeup but it looks like I'm not' kinda day.
  • 50 Princess Beach: this a bright orange coral colour. It's really pigmented and on the picture is looks less bright than in real life. This doesn't make your lips look like the most devoted football supporter in the Netherlands, it makes you look like a girl with really pretty summery lips. A big plus point is that you appear more tanned when you wear colours orange colours like this one.
I certainly don't regret buying these. I wasn't really sure at first but I've changed my mind, they're amazing. 'The Nuder The Better is an amazing everyday colour and I think I'll be wearing 'Princess Peach' a lot this summer, what girl doesn't want to look more tanned than she actually is?
You can buy the Catrice Ultimate Colour lipstick at the drugstore for 3,99. There are 16 colours in total. I'll definitely go back for some more.


  1. HI. Im moving to the Netherlands in next month. And I went to Catrice website and did a shop search and they havent even listed Netherlands in their shop list. Is this available in the Netherlands or do you go to Germany to get your Catrice stuff? When I lived in the netherlands before in 2011 I remember they still had everything in Kruidvat. Where do you buy your Catrice?

    1. Hi!
      They still sell Catrice at kruidvat so don't be frightened:) I just get my product there. Hope you'll have fun in the Netherlands!