Catrice: LE Hip Trip Eye Shadow Palette: Haunting Melody

Hello my loves,

Do you remember the review I did on the Catrice 'Absolute Nude Eyeshadow Palette'? I ended that post with saying that I wished they'd bring out a palette with some colour. Guess what Catrice did..
During May and June, Catrice is bringing out a new limited edition named 'Hip Trip'. This collection  is based on the summer festival season and the legendary music festivals like Coachella. Colourful Hippies, daring rockchicks, that's what it's all about. This collection is (according to Catrice) the perfect line-up for the festivals. Celebrate summer with a denim look, bright flamingo pink, faded green en subtle nudes. Rock on!
The 'Hip Trip' collection consists of:

  • Eye Shadow palette
  • Three sheer lipsticks
  • Hydrating Bronzing Powder
  • Satin Blush
  • Five Nail Polishes
  • Passport Cover
I only bought the eye shadow palette because the other products didn't really appeal to me. I don't like sheer lip colours, they have to be opaque in my opinion. I don't need a bronzer, don't like cream blushes and I don't really like the new catrice nail polishes. That's why I only bought the palette.

Oehlala! This is promising, an interesting combination of bold bright colours and neutrals. The palette has the same design as the ´Absolute Nude Palette´ but is definitely different. This one is silver instead of black and has flames on the lid (instead of jumbo letter). It has the exact same dual ended brush which is a very nice one. They both hold six colours.
According to the Catrice website, the palette is called 'C01 Haunting Melody' but I can't find that name on the actual palette.
These are the first three colours. 
  • A dark blue velvet eyeshadow
  • A light sky-blue
  • A green
I love these colours, there very unusual but very pretty.The consistency of the dark blue is a little bit chalky and the green isn't very opaque on your eyelid.
This is the look I made with the first three colours in the palette, the dark blue, light blue and the green.I used the Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner and the Rimmel London Sexy Curves Intensive Black Mascara. I really like how this turned out and it looks great with my eye colour.
These are the second three colours. 
  • A peachy pink
  • A skin colour light brown
  • A light peachy pink
This side of the palette has the natural colours. The light brown is my exact skin colour and works great to make your eyelid into a black canvas. The light peachy pink is a perfect highlighter.
I made a look with these three colours as well but it was impossible for me to take a picture of it. You can't see anything. The swatches are made on the inside of my wrist and my skin is a lot paler there than on my eyelids. The colours aren't visible on my eyelids Maybe they would be if I was a little paler but since I'm not these colours aren't meant for me.
I'm little bit disappointed in this palette. The first three colour are beautiful and the last colour is a good highlighter. I can't really use the pink and light brown because they're too light for me. I don't this will become such a big favorite as the 'Absolute Nude Eyeshadow Palette', that one is better in my opinion.
You can buy this limited edition eyeshadow palette for €4,99

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