#2 Food Lovings

Hello my loves,

In May I did my first Food Lovings post and today it's time for the next one. I hope you like it.
Sultana: Knappers Kokos
I don't have words for this, it's so delicious. Cocos is one my favorite flavours and I love Sultana's, so this is the perfect snack for me Knappers are the new type of cookies by Sultana and I love them. They are a little bit more crispy than the regular one but not less tasty. If you don't fancy raisans, you're lucky because the kanppers don't have them unlike the regular sultana's. 
AH: Mueslireep Chocolate
This is my new favorite snack. I never was a big fan of granola bars but for some reason I've been enjoying them lately. This one is with chocolate but I like other flavors as well. I love the one with blueberries.

Just two this time, I hope you don't mind. I still wanted to share them with you because I love them!

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