Tag: Colours of the Rainbow

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Today it's time for another tag. It's time for 'the Colours of the Rainbow Tag'. I believe this was created by 'TalkBeckyTalk' and some of the beauty bloggers I watch did this as well. I hope you enjoy reading this.
The pictures I took are a little bit different than usual. I took them outside, let me know what you think of them.
In the 'Colours of the Rainbow' tag, you have to come up with a product or fashionitem that has one of the colours of   the rainbow. So a red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, multi-coloured and pink.
 Rimmel London: Lasting Finish By Kate Lipstick: 01
This is the only red lipstick I own and I never really use it. This is however the only red thing I could think of. I could have done a red top but I want to keep this an only makeup tag.
Essence: Vintage District Blush: 01 It's Popul-Art
This is one of my favorite blushes and it's kind of orange. it also is red but it has orange. I wrote a review about this blush a while ago and I love it. 
Playboy: VIP for her
I don't have a lot of yellow products but I do have a yellow perfume, this is Playboy's VIP for her and it's one of my favorite nighttime perfumes. It's very glamor 090ous and sensual.
Gosh: Effect Powder: Apple Jam
I own four pigments and they are all from Gosh and this is one of them. It's a bright apple green eyeshadow and it's amazing. I don't really use it that often because of the fall-out but I do love it.
Essence: Shimmer powder: 01 The Famous Flamingo
This is a very old product from a limited edition called 'Return to Paradise' which was released during the summer of 2010 The powder i light pink but the packaging is light blue. I use either this or the Catrice 'Prime and Fine Highlighting Powder' as my highlight on my cheekbones.
Lush: Jelly: Sweetie Pie
 I couldn't find anything indigo so I went with a dark purpley blue.I don't really use a jelly when I shower because it makes a hell of a mess. I do like this one a lot because it smell amazing.
Catrice: Intensif'eye Wet & Dry Shadow: 090 Ninja Purples
I'm not going to tell much about this because there's a review coming up. This shadow is a beautiful purple eyeshadow with some pink swirls through it.
Essie: Nail Polish: 220A Cascade Cool
This was the first Essie polish I ever bought and after a year, I still love it. It's a beautiful pink colour which is too bright to be a baby pink and too light to be a hot pink. The quality of Essie polishes is amazing an the colours are incredible.
Essence: Sun Club Glamour To Go Eyeshadow: 01 South Beach
I couldn't think of a multicoloured item so I went with a palette with multiple coloured in it. This is one of my favorite palettes for the summer and I've been using it a lot lately. Mine is probably a year old and I still love to use it. I usually take the blue colour and sweep it along my lower lashline for a pop of colour in a very natural look.

That was it, the Colours of the rainbow tag is finished. This was a little bit harder than I thought to come up with the products but I really enjoyed doing it. I also have a few of my favorite colours of the rainbow tags from other beauty blogger. Click on their username for their YouTube channel.
Elle: AllThatGlitters21
Becky: TalkBeckyTalk
Tati: GlamLifeGuru
Karissa: SaturdayNightsAlrite

That was it for today's tag, I hope you like it.

Empty: May-June

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This year I started to do Empty-Posts, I've done two so far and today it's time for the third one. Let's hop right in.
Roc: Demaquillage Actif
This is the remover I use for my eye-makeup. It doesn't irritate my eyes and removes the makeup really easily.I already repurchased it and I saw they changed the packaging. The new packaging is a little bit more hygienic because it's a pump. The downside is that it's almost twice as big and doesn't really fit into the baskets I use to store my products.

Zwitsal: Shampoo extra mild
This is the baby shampoo I use to clean my brushes. This is a mini ad I flew through it. I already bought a new one in a bigger size. 

Etos: Douche Mousse: Kumquat Brazil Nut
I've had this douche mousse for quite some time a loved in last summer. I didn't really use it in the winter and this spring I decided that it was time to finish it, so I did. I definitely liked the scent of this but I wouldn't repurchase it because It didn't do anything for my skin. For me it's important to have a hydrating body wash because I always forget to apply a boy lotion or butter on after the shower. 

Essence: Multi Dimension XXXL Shine Nail Polish: Must Have
I used this nail polish a lot but it has dried out. Time for a new one I thought but when I went to the store I couldn't really find  a similar colour. I still haven't bought another colour like this one but I think I'm going to look at the OPI and Essie collections, maybe even at Dior or Chanel. I Think this is the perfect everyday colour, very appropriate for work or school.

Playboy: Deodorant: Play It Lovely...
This was the popular deodorant at my school, everybody had this and Ill admit, that's the only reason why I bought it. I did like it but it didn't work very good but I liked the scent. I'm more of a dove deodorant girl.

Essence: Lip Balm: 02 Very Cherry
This is a lip balm I really enjoyed using. It gave my lips a very pretty natural pink colour. I didn't really moisturize my lips but it didn't accentuate the flakes as well.
Essence: 2 in 1 Eyeliner Pen: Black
I didn't really like this eyeliner pen. I had to keep it upside down to get a intensive black line but when I'd to do my other eye, the pencil would have lost all his eyeliner somehow and I wouldn't be able to make a black line. I didn't use it up but I thought it was time to throw it away, I wrote a review in February and that's four months ago and I'm a strong believer in throwing mascara and eyeliner pens away after three months. 

Kruidvat: Moisturizing Nail Polish Remover: Easy Pump System
This is the nail polish remover I loved for a while. I went through three bottles of these in a half year. Now I'm a mood were I just like the dip&clean removers nut I've enjoyed using this for a very long time. 

That was it. All the products I finished during May and June. I hoped you liked reading this.

Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick

Hello my loves,

I had to do it, I had to buy them, I had to review them. I heard a lot of Dutch beauty bloggers raving about these two lipsticks. They are two lipsticks by Catrice called '050 Princess Peach' and '190 The Nuder The Better'.
I wanted to review two Catrice lipsticks for you. I already have three from limited editions but I wanted some that were in the regular collection. I was looking at the store and none of the colours really appealed to me. I heard lots of great things about these two colours and decided to settle on them. Did I make the right choice or are these horrible? Let's find out.
 The Catrice lipsticks come in a shiny black case with the name of the colour on the bottom. They pressed the name of the brand in the lipstick which gives the product a very luxurious feeling.
These colours are very pigmented as you can see. 'The Nuder The Better' is a typical my lips but better nude lipstick and 'Princess Peach' is a bold bright colour.
  • 190 The Nuder The Better: this is a beautiful nude colour. Sometimes a nude lip can make you look ill but this one doesn't, due to the warm undertone. It's the perfect colour for a 'I'm wearing makeup but it looks like I'm not' kinda day.
  • 50 Princess Beach: this a bright orange coral colour. It's really pigmented and on the picture is looks less bright than in real life. This doesn't make your lips look like the most devoted football supporter in the Netherlands, it makes you look like a girl with really pretty summery lips. A big plus point is that you appear more tanned when you wear colours orange colours like this one.
I certainly don't regret buying these. I wasn't really sure at first but I've changed my mind, they're amazing. 'The Nuder The Better is an amazing everyday colour and I think I'll be wearing 'Princess Peach' a lot this summer, what girl doesn't want to look more tanned than she actually is?
You can buy the Catrice Ultimate Colour lipstick at the drugstore for 3,99. There are 16 colours in total. I'll definitely go back for some more.

#2 Food Lovings

Hello my loves,

In May I did my first Food Lovings post and today it's time for the next one. I hope you like it.
Sultana: Knappers Kokos
I don't have words for this, it's so delicious. Cocos is one my favorite flavours and I love Sultana's, so this is the perfect snack for me Knappers are the new type of cookies by Sultana and I love them. They are a little bit more crispy than the regular one but not less tasty. If you don't fancy raisans, you're lucky because the kanppers don't have them unlike the regular sultana's. 
AH: Mueslireep Chocolate
This is my new favorite snack. I never was a big fan of granola bars but for some reason I've been enjoying them lately. This one is with chocolate but I like other flavors as well. I love the one with blueberries.

Just two this time, I hope you don't mind. I still wanted to share them with you because I love them!

MAC Velvet Eye Shadow: Mulch

Hello my loves,

I decided it was time, it was time for me to buy my first MAC-product. I went to a MAC-counter in the Douglas (Dutch perfume and makeup store) and it was kind of odd. I felt like I didn't belong there and the people from the store were looking at me like I was about to steal something. Not the people from MAC, the people from Douglas. I knew I wasn't going to steal  but their behaviour wasn't very customer friendly.
The product I bought is an eye shadow. I originally went in to get 'wedge' but they didn't have it. The MAC-lady helped me choose a different one. I decided on 'Mulch'.Wedge is a matte eye shadow and is perfect for in your crease and Mulch, a velvet one, is that as well.
There are different types of eye shadows and this one is a velvet eye shadow, this means that it gives you a softer colour than what it appears to in the pan. It feels velvety (of course).
Other types of MAC eye shadows:
  • Frost
  • Matte
  • Lustre
  • Satin
  • Veluxe
  • Veluxe Pearl
  • Velvet
This eyeshadow has the same packaging as the other MAC shadows. Basis black with a clear hole in the lid through which you can see the colour of the eye shadow. On the bottom you can see the name and the type. It holds 1.5g/0.05 us oz.
Mulch is a reddish brown with a bronze sheen, it's a very warm colour. The pigmentation is great and is has indeed a velvety finish. It applies and blends very easily and is beautiful in the crease. Of course you can use it any way you want it but that how I like it the best.
Products I used:
Catrice: Cucuba LE Loose Eye Shadow: C03 Salsa Cubana - all over the lid
MAC: Velvet Eye Shadow: Mulch - crease
Catrice: Delightfully Soft Eye Shadow: C03 Sea Of Green - lower lashline
L'Oréal: ColorAppeal Eye Shadow: 21 Golden Beige - innercorner + brow bone
Catrice: Calligraph Ultra Slim Eyeliner Pen: Blackest Black - winged eyeliner
HEMA: Waterproof Eyeliner: 01 Black - thightlining
Rimmel: Sexy Curves Mascara: 003 Intense Black - lashes

I´m in love with this eye shadow. It´s my first MAC purchase ever and it was definitely a good one.  You could already see this eye shadow in my ´natural mermaid´ look and it combines beautifully with blue as you can see in there. 
I hoped you liked reading about this very pretty MAC eye shadow, Mulch. You can buy it at the selling points from MAC for €17,-

Favorite Albums of the Moment (Part 3)

Hello my loves,

Yet another post about my favorite albums right now. I know that this has nothing to do with beauty but I really enjoy writing these. I love music and I'm always searching for new songs.
Armin van Buuren: Intense
Genre: Trance
I don't know why but I never really like trance/dance music. Armin's new albums is an exception, I love his music. Armin van Buuren is the current best DJ in the world and I think that a deserved title. His music is amazing and perfect during a workout. I've been going to the gym lately and I run almost everyday to get my body bikini ready, when I sport I love to listen to Armin's music.
Favorite Tracks:
'This Is What It Feels Like'
'Sound Of The Drums'
'Won't Let You Go'

Fall Out Boy: Save Rock And Roll
Genre: Rock
One night I couldn't sleep and decided to open a YouTube playlist on my laptop. The playlist had some very good songs and 'Alone Together' was one of them. I decided to check out some other music by Fall Out Boy and fell in love. I've been listening to this when I'm cycling home from school because it's perfect therefore.  I don't know why but their beat has the perfect rhythm.
Favorite Tracks: 
'The Phoenix'
'Alone Together'
'Just One Yesterday'
'The Mighty Fall'
'Young Volcanoes'

Various Artists: The Great Gatsby, soundtrack
Genre: R&B (mostly)
When I saw they were doing a remake of the original Great Gatsby movie I was thrilled. I'm a big of Leonardo DiCaprio and I really like the style of the twenties. The dropped waist and the flapper girls, I just love it. During the film I was really impressed by the music (not by the movie, the story sucks but the movie itself is great), I decided to listen tot the music on iTunes and fell in love. It's mostly R&B (because Jay-Z is the music-producers) but I think that's the reason I like so much.
Favorite Tracks: 
'Young And Beautiful'
'Over The Love'
'Crazy In Love'
'Bang Bang'
'A Little Party Never Killed Nobody'

P!nk: The Truth About Love
Genre: Pop
This albums has been out for quit some time now and I still love it. I thought it would be appropriate to  squeeze it into this post because it's the perfect album for the summer. Some of the songs are serious and others are just fun. It's a great album and I'm sure you'll like it.
Favorite Tracks: 
'Blow Me (One Last Kiss)'
'Just Give Me A Reason'
'True Love'
'Sl*t Like You'
'Walk Of Shame'
'My Signature Move'

The song that I've listened to the most.
This song is from one of my favorite albums of the moment, 'Save Rock And Roll' by Fall Out Boy, see the first albums in this post. I used this song for my homework assignment and it grew on me. I didn't like it this much at first but now I love it.
I hope you enjoyed reading about the albums I'm currently loving. Definitely check out some of these on Itunes or YouTube and who knows, maybe you'll discover your new favorite band/artist.