The Master Perfumer N15 Orange Blossom (travel size)

Hello my loves,

Today I have a perfume review for you, a little bit shorter than a year ago I wrote a review about number 53 by master perfumer. I really liked that perfume and I still wear it quite often. Today I will review number 15 by the master perfumer for you.
I was buying some makeup products at the drugstore and when I was standing in line for the cash register I saw a few oblong boxes  I grabbed the pink one and I saw it was a perfume, a travel perfume to be exact. I looked at the scents and number 15 was the one that appealed the most to me, so I bought it.
(Translation: The 15th vial selected, a fresh blend of grapefruit, neroli an musk.)
Does the box looks pretty or what? The skinny long box is turquoise with peacock feathers on the bottom. I think it looks very sophisticated and appealing.
There's nothing special about the perfume flask.  It looks a bit like a test tube to me. But the details on it are beautiful. A turquoise label with one there the name and ingredients of the perfume. Behind the label you see the Master Perfumer logo in gracious mint letters (the logo can also be found on the back of the box). Here you can find a picture of the bottle, so ot the travel version that I have. 

I love how this smells, so fresh and springy. When I smell it, I smell citrus and blossom. The scent can be described as fruity but the musk gives it a little bit of spice. It's a really fresh, citrus scent and therefore perfect for spring and summer. 
I think this will definitely become a big favorite of mine and I'm already considering whether I should buy the full size or not. I think I will finish this travel one first (which won't take long since it has only 15ml in it) and then rush to the store to buy the full one. 

The travel sizes are ideal to throw in your purse and a great option to try the perfume out. If you like it you can always buy a full size perfume of it. I hoped you like this post and definitely go check this out when  you're in the Netherlands (I have no idea if you can buy it abroad or if this is exclusive for Kruidvat. 
  • 15 ml for €3,75
  • 50 ml for €7,99

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