Hema: Dip&Clean Nail Polish Remover

Hello my loves,

I hate removing my nail polish. It takes me forever, especially with glitter polishes. I used to remove my nail polish by cutting a cotton-pad and soak them in remover. I would lay that on my nails and remove them firmly. That would take my polished off but it really dried out my cuticles. But now I've found a better way.
Let me introduce you to my new best friend; the Hema 'Dip & Clean' nail polish remover. As is says on the packaging,: "Removing nail polish has never been easier". You'll probably know a product similar to this by Sephora and Bourjois. The problem is that those brands aren't budget. Problem solved, Hema has a cheap one.
I like the packaging Hema has designed for this, typical Hema but I don't really mind. A bright fuschia jar with a black lid. In the jar you see a black sponge with a hole in it.
Let's talk first about the ingredients. I hardly know anything about this but when I compare it to my old remover which dries my cuticles out, I see a few differences.
Ethyl acetate, alcohol, aqua, ricinus communis oil, glycerin, cetyl acetate, stearyl acetate, oleyl acetate, acetylated lanolin alcohol, parfum, CI 60725
This one has oil in it and doesn't have Capric Triglyceride (used in lipstick, foundation, moisturizers and sunscreen). This ingredient slows the loss of water from the skin by forming a barrier. The 'Dip&Clean' has a different type of dye but is for the rest the same. It has a few more ingredients and I hope it won't dry my cuticles out.
OPI: Plugged-in Plum + Essence: 02 Circus Confetti
A glitter topcoat is removed in nine twists. The remaining glitters can be wiped off with your fingers.
NYC: 2533 Mint Macaroon
 A creamy polish is removed within six twists.

This is very easy to use, you dip your finger in the hole and twist is a few times. When you pull your finger out, all the polish is gone. That's because the sponge is soaked in nail polish remover.
A lot of removers dry your cuticles out but as you can see on the pictures, this one doesn't. I have no idea why.
Another plus point is the smell. I hate the smell of nail polish removers but this one is that bad. It doesn't smell very nice but it doesn't stink either.

I'm really glad, I can finally buy a budget version of this products. It works great and you don't have to use a ton of cotton pads to remove your polish. Just Dip & Clean. It's true removing nail polish has never been easier.


  1. what happens when you use this often? Does it still have the same effect of does it smudge after a while?

  2. after a while the remover will work less good, it dries out (after 4 months or so) just like a normal nailpolishremover goes empty if you use it. One annoying I fin annoying is that after you remove red nail polish, the red pigment stays in the remover and you get a red finger the next time you use it. It is easy washed off but still a little minus.