Essence Stay Matt Lip Cream (01 Velvet Rose)

Hello my loves,

Today I have a review about a matt lip products for you. I normally don't wear a lot of matt products because they usually make my lips really flaky. Let's see if this one makes my lips look mattastic or if it will be a flaky disaster. I'm sorry that the pictures are a little bit dark but when I took them, the weather was a bit cloudy.
Essence has a total of 4 shades in their assortiment and  I bought one, 01 Velvet Rose. The other shades are: '02 Smooth Berry', '03 Soft Nude' and '04 Silky red'. I went for the nude soft pink one because the other colors are a bit more daring and I'm not really a daring person. Certainly not with matt lips. I wanted to get '03 Soft Nude' but that one is always sold out at my drugstore, that's why I settled with '01 Velvet Rose'.

The packaging is a little bit cheap looking but there's nothing wrong with it. I immediately peeled the 'trendsticker' of because that just looks ugly. I also don't like the big sticker with the barcode but that's the only place on the tube with the name of the color on it, otherwise I would've peeled that off as well.
The consistency looks a bit weird and patchy on the brush but it doesn't give me trouble when I apply it to my lips. I applies smooth and even. It's really easy to apply and the pigmentation is great. The color can be described as a soft rosy pink and I think this will fit everybody's skin tone.

I'm really impressed by this lip cream and if I see '03 Soft Nude' I'll definitely grab it and take it home with me. When you see this product in the stores take the effort to swatch it, it's worth it.
You can buy this the Essence 'Stay Matt Lip Cream' at the drugstore for €1,99.

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