Essence: All About Matt!

Hello my loves,

I'm nearly finished my Catrice 'Prime & Fine Translucent Loose Powder' and I went to the Kruidvat to get a new face powder. The Catrice powder is a loose powder which I liked but was not very handy to carry with me. That's why I wanted a compact powder that I could carry with me in my purse.
My eye caught this one, the Essence 'All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder'. A white powder just like my catrice one, only this one is compact.
This particular powder caught my eye due to the neon pink letters. The contrast between the white powder and the pink letters is really big what makes it difficult to overlook this product. The packaging looks really clean but the pink letters make it more fun.
What the back promises: 
'Extremely smooth fixing powder for
 a matt and natural finish all day long. Helps to
blend blush and foundation colors together. 
Fixes make-up when applied as finishing powder. 
For all skin tones.'
The powder itself looks really clean as well. Simple and plain with just 4 graceful lines. The woven pattern disappears after you use it, it becomes smooth after. The powder is white but when you sweep it over your face you can't see that. It applied transparent.

I'm really pleased with this powder and I will definitely start using it after I finish my Catrice one (the end is near). The powder stays pressed in the pan, and doesn't crumble at all. It feels very sturdy and is in my eyes perfect for on the go, you just need a powder-brush and you can mattify your face during the day. The powder-brush I use (it's visible on the first picture but blurred out) is by Hema.
You can buy this powder for €2.99 for that price you get an amount of 0.28oz/8g.


  1. Nice post! I'm still doubting which one to get...Essence or Catrice? Which one do you like more? :)

    1. Thank you, I would buy the Essence one if I were you. It's easier to use because it's a compact.

    2. I'll get the Essence one then, thanks!

  2. Does this happen to give a white cast in your face?

    1. No it doesn't, you can't see it on your face.

  3. Heyy, ik heb 1 vraag ik snap niet echt wat het doet met je gezicht, verder moet ik even zeggen dat je prachtige productfoto's maakt!

    1. Hey,
      Je kan deze poeders gebruiken om je gezicht glimvrij te houden. Ik zelf wordt altijd een beetje glimmend gedurende de dag en dit voorkomt dat en helpt ertegen.